everyone loves a good challenge.

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The past few weekends have been busy for me. I know this is no excuse for not blogging. I have either been working or trying to catch up. I need a new challenge other than original household items or my cats. Weekly, I will begin with a theme (example: salt & pepper shakers) and try to post a photo daily in this theme. The theme will be chosen by viewers/readers of my blog; I know you are reading this right now… Yes, you with your left hand on your chin, reading THIS VERY POST! Now that I have caught you, comment below on a good theme. I will randomly chose one of the best ideas and shoot as many shots from that theme for seven consecutive days, after which, the person who submitted the best idea gets an 8×12 print of their favorite shot from the week or $10 off any 1 hour shoot (a value of $60). Sound good? Submission starts now and photos will begin on Wednesday of this week. I know you are still reading this… SO COMMENT YOUR IDEA NOW!! I don’t care how ridiculous it is, just see this as an opportunity for YOU to WIN like Charlie Sheen!


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