writers block.

Lately I have been suffering from a writers block sort of thing. It stems from photo block; a close relative. Weather hasn’t been cooperating, time hasn’t been on my side and neither has daylight. I’m trying to break this block by forcing a post to get the ball rolling. I have been wanting to shoot more human subjects rather than landscapes, and by shoot I mean photograph… Not physically shoot. Many people also have lives as I have come to expect and time isn’t on their side either, so between all these factors, a photograph isn’t produced.

A highlight of the month of February was traveling to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. An experience of a lifetime for sure. All senses come alive while walking through the various parks they have to offer while you carry your childhood on your sleeve. All the memories of your favorite movies and characters come alive as you walk down the streets. It is truly an awakening feeling if you are a child of the nineties. (I know a lot of other people watched Disney movies, I just don’t know if they felt the same.)

Walking around with my Nikon proved tiresome and annoying as I tried to go on rides or carry other things. We weren’t blessed with overly great weather while we were visiting so carrying extra clothes was a must. I know this isn’t a huge problem to most, but I found it inconvenient. I found I went into photo shock. With so many things to take photos of, I couldn’t comprehend it… So I just didn’t shoot it. Huge mistake. I didn’t take a tripod. Another huge mistake. My night shots from the castle would have turned out much better had I had a tripod with me.

a four stitch photo of epcot.

self. taken by baby brother, lowell.

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