fairmont wind project.

Luke and I went for a little drive to his cousins house and saw this unexpectedly. Not unexpectedly as I didn’t know where it was going up or how far it had come but just the afterglow and the way they had this beautiful tower lit up. OF COURSE I WOULDN’T HAVE SD CARDS IN MY CAMERA. I ONLY HAVE TWO SLOTS. ONE MORE THAN THE AVERAGE CAMERA. UGH. Luckily when we got to Nathan’s, he had two for his GoPro. I only captured 19 shots but am I EVER impressed with these. These are all long exposure ranging from 10-30 second exposures. f./8.0 and shot surprisingly with my least favorite lens my 18-105mm.

This was an ultimate chance for me to gaze at a gorgeous new technology in the making but I got to capture it. The best of both worlds! Comment and let me know what you think!


To read more on the project, please follow the link : http://www.fairmontwindfarm.ca/


2 Comments on “fairmont wind project.

  1. Those are some cool shot Hill, leave it up to you to capture them. Mike Mac

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