head shots: stepping out of my comfort zone.

Head shots can be something I struggle with. Often times, I’m faced with having to fulfill a criteria handed down by employers, other times, I’m faced with my client feeling awkward initially as they are the only subject in front of my lens. Of course, I can work through most obstacles quickly and easily but with this session, I didn’t have an obstacle in sight! My client, Liz, wanted the photos for herself and was totally at ease with the camera!

With head shots, I find it could be the most technically sound photo but if the client isn’t comfortable or doesn’t convey absolute confidence, your client can ultimately be unsatisfied with the photos so feed the compliments, find the good light, tell a few jokes and go with it! Personally, I like the more natural poses with softer backdrops for the ones I capture. I’m more than satisfied with how this session turned out – the light was perfect, location was easy & the client was happy! What more could I want?
DSC_6019 DSC_6029 DSC_5957 DSC_5953

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