perspective | “the salmon hole.”

In life, we often say “take a walk in someone else’s shoes” to prove there are different ways of looking at things and I’d like to think the same applies while capturing images. Situations vary depending on where you stand and it has the ability to change everything. You can see something totally different when you look at it from a different perspective.

The images below were captured within moments of each other. In the time it had taken for me to scramble up loose gravel in rubber boots, the sun rose higher and changed my subject entirely. Standing above and below the bridge made for completely different images. One conveys more of a tranquil and calming feeling while the other is much more cheerful in disposition. One took a little more effort to capture and the other is how “most people” would have captured the image. How can two images be so different and yet involve the same subject? The same goes for seeing things from someone else’s perspective on a day to day basis. It’s incredible how things can be seen so differently, depending on where you’re observing them from._DSC4079 _DSC4089

West Cooks Cove, Nova Scotia — better known as “The Salmon Hole.”

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