694kms later…

I’m on a constant search to experience a large percentage of the province I was born and raised in and so immensely proud to call home. I love touring around and driving through different communities of Nova Scotia. I love exploring the dirt roads and the shore lines – the paths less traveled. I’ve made it my mission for 2016 to cover as much of it as I can, as many times as I can. My Instagram feed is filled with self-timer images of myself in lots of new spots as I adventure solo more than I’d like. I’m not tied to a 9-5 while many of my friends are so I find myself making sure I capture myself there while also making sure I cover my tracks in case I’m abducted and the RCMP need to follow my last moves. I wish that last part was slightly a joke. I’ve watched W5.

I roped Malorie into road tripping with me Saturday. Over the run of the day, we put 694kms on Jennie the Jetta, we crushed a few coffee, laughed so hard for most of the day that my “would be” abs ached, and saw so many new sights my neck hurts from looking around all day! It was a lot chillier than we had prepared for (I’ll be honest, I had the clothes for it but mentally; I wasn’t prepared to endure the wind chill…) I don’t think either of us expected to be out for over 14 hours but I don’t think either of us house an ounce of regret towards the day either and of anything, we’ve opened a can of worms and have to do it more often now!

More than anything, I want to promote the road trip/adventuring lifestyle that I live. It doesn’t take much to pack the car and go. Conditions don’t need to be perfect. I can’t stress enough how much importance I think there is in adventuring your own province let alone adventuring in general. It opens your mind, decreases stress, and if you plan well, it doesn’t have to be an expensive outing. Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 8.44.31 AM.pngHit or miss, this was most of our route yesterday. Once it gets a little warmer to start camping, we will do trips where we can spend a few days at the other end of the province. I’m fenced whether to keep my Jetta or to buy something I can camp in. Ideally, I’d love to get a truck or a 4Runner type thing that I can sleep in the back of and keep all of my gear in – time will tell! My car has nearly 65,000kms on it for less than two years old. She’s comfy, stylish, Mach 3023423 fast and super on fuel but she’s just not big enough! _DSC8696_DSC8725_DSC8721Burntcoat Head Park & Walton Harbour Lighthouse – It was so damn cold we didn’t explore much of either. Next time! _DSC8735HBH_7733Stopped at The Library Pub in Wolfville and enjoyed a Bulwark & a Caesar! HBH_7741Cape Split. Absolutely amazing and can’t wait to get back again. We stopped along the trail for a coffee on the JetBoil, puddle jumped, rated other hikers based on their friendliness when we met them on the trail (note: if you meet someone in a trail, don’t be crappy: be happy and say hi!) and we didn’t stop laughing the entire time: see below photo.HBH_7749HBH_7788HBH_7797HBH_7824HBH_7818HBH_7812You probably won’t meet two “derpier” little adventurers in your life so you should probably meet us because we are pretty special! Malorie isn’t your average chick. She’s a fly fishing enthusiast, a Toyota truck owner, mum to the cutest Golden Retriever, Zoey and an all around wicked human being to be around! Check out her Instagram feed @malbc and give her a follow!  HBH_7809HBH_7906-HDRWe stopped at the Look-Off (I didn’t get too many photos because it was high noon AND we were busy watching some tourists take selfies with a drone…) – After the Look-Off, we did Cape Split and Scots Bay, then we headed down to Blomidon where we walked the shore for a bit. Our next trip will be warmer weather so we’ll be able to do the falls, the hiking trail and hopefully get to see the apple blossoms! HBH_7836HBH_7843_DSC8759 copyHBH_7866_DSC8768Malorie popped her Beavertail cherry at Ski Martock! Now she’s officially a Canadian. _DSC8793

And then there was this. A sunset is a sunset is a sunset. We will see many in our life but it’s the ones we actually take the time to enjoy that will be the ones that will stand out most. This one stood out because we were so damn cold and because the people that drove by kept honking – they likely thought we were losers with the self-timer but I think they’re the real losers for not taking the time to watch this sunset. So there. Big thanks to Jennie the Jetta for carting our ass around all day & to Malorie for joining me all day! A fantastic adventure for a Saturday! HBH_7920 copy

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