a note to myself.

I recently did a few photos of an infant which of course, I thought would be a walk in the park. Not so much. When I think of photographing babies, I think of a tiny newborn who peacefully sleeps while you mold them into different positions like a clay sculpture. Professional photographers make it seem so easy! The baby I had the opportunity to photograph was a very happy baby but he was just too curious and awake to let me do what I had envisioned. I had looked through hundreds of photos others had done while the baby was in a basket or swaddled up in a fluffy blanket but of course, there are babies that have NO INTEREST in this. Luckily, in spite of this, I managed to get some great photos of a very active baby who, in the end, didn’t seem to mind at all.

Things I will do differently next time:

  • Use more lighting! Though natural lighting is very effective and produces a much nicer effect, I didn’t use enough! I’m thinking a nice, warm bedroom light for next time.
  • Bring more props. Utilize more outfits. The more combinations I have in the end, the more I will have to work with.
  • More shots of mom & baby.
Every time I do a shoot, I try to make note of the things I would do differently if I am to do it again. Here are a few of the shots I had done.

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