a stranger in wolfville.

As far as my portraits of strangers challenge goes, I felt absurdly rushed today, a feeling I despise. As a result of a day off, my sister who attends Acadia University, saw an opportunity for me to travel three hours to pick her up to go home for the weekend and drive three hours back. I hate feeling rushed but when travelling with passengers, one always feels selfish for stopping or taking their time. I guess that is the bittersweet part about having company on a long drive.

Yesterday, I felt as if I needed to work myself into asking someone if I could take their photo. It takes a bit of guts to expose yourself like that. I know it isn’t a big deal, or shouldn’t be a huge deal but it feels like it. I just need a little more rehearsing and I should be a more confident person in no time. Put together the feeling of insecurity and the feeling of being rushed and you have few photos of strangers, if any at all. Today, I have none to show you. Tomorrow promises to have a double issue. TWO WHOLE STRANGERS!

Don’t give up on me yet, I DO have photos from today. These photos are completely wrong if you are talking from a technical stand point. They are over exposed, blown out in the wrong spot, etc but I still find a lot of creativity and beauty in them. There is something in the photos that makes me pretty happy (other than my sister, obviously). Even though they aren’t picture perfect, they are still art to me. Do you think you can still have a nice photo even though your exposure isn’t right, or the sun isn’t right, or you have flares?

I know Olivia is no stranger… but she is pretty strange by times.

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