a sunday at home.

Now that I have a new employer, I get to look forward to having every Sunday to myself. Today, I indulged in sleeping in, a bubble bath, a Sunday drive (only not like most people Sunday drive… My driving is a little more erratic on Sunday’s.) I wore two pairs of socks and clean laundry, thanks to another productive day off the day before. I haven’t been feeling top notch lately so it was nice to finally get on top of things again.

I grabbed my camera and my iPhone and off I went in search of something photo worthy. It was a beautiful sunny day, soaring to temperatures above zero. All in all, I took my time getting home to Guysborough. From there, my father and I searched for a short photo opportunity before the sun went down. Below are photos that make me feel like home is where I should be all the time. Warm socks, wood stoves, furry over-weight cats, socks most men wear when sheering trees, green tea and cold sunsets. This is where I find comfort.

an eleven stitch panorama around tom's lake.

marvin (above) and fatboy (also goes by oliver... sometimes, although fatboy is more appropriate.)(below)

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