aaron & dale.

Aaron & Dale invited me to their acreage to shoot their engagement session. She described it to me and it sounded gorgeous but as I drove up their driveway, my jaw literally hit the floor! The property had beautiful trees, a rolling field, a massive rustic barn and so so so much more but it didn’t end there. I parked my car, got out and was greeted by a beautiful couple that have that sort of love for each other than you can just see when they look at each other!

Well, you throw all those things together and you don’t have a hard time snapping photos by the dozens!

Aaron & Dale, thank you for inviting me to your home. I’m incredibly excited to shoot their wedding at the end of June! Newborn Flynn-6397DSC_6383 copyNewborn Flynn-6389DSC_6284 copyNewborn Flynn-6264Newborn Flynn-6251Newborn Flynn-6203Newborn Flynn-6346Newborn Flynn-6323Newborn Flynn-6421DSC_6411 copy

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