abby & bella.

Words are often not enough to fully explain the connection between a mother and her daughter. The bond between a parent and their child is arguably the strongest bond in the universe. Family sessions allow me to capture that bond and it fills my heart so so much. Sessions like these freeze time. Sessions like this are so important. I can’t stress enough how vital it is to capture even the smallest moments of your day to remember how little your kids were because they don’t stay little for long.

I shared this easy, breezy session with Abby & Bella on a gorgeous springy evening in June. We checked out some flowers, a few bugs in the grass, some fish in a pond, got eaten by flies & watched the sky for clouds under a big tree. Such a simple session but these images melt my heart. I’m so happy to capture this little family year over year and so glad they can cherish these images as Isabella gets older. HBH_3195 copyHBH_3295 copyHBH_3267 copyHBH_3335 copyHBH_3380 copyHBH_3447 copy

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