about hil.


About me pages often begin with an awkward introduction followed by “I hate writing about myself” but not this girl. Growing up, I wasn’t athletically inclined, driven academically but lucky for me, I was pretty decent with a camera.  In 2007, my photographer father passed down his first DSLR, a Nikon D70 with a kit lens. I beat the hell out of that thing until 2011 when I finally decided to purchase my own “big girl gear” and I’ve been at it ever since. My dad has always instilled that hard work and practice creates the image, not the expensive gear you purchase, although it can help.

Over the past few years of hiding behind the lens, I’ve seen some amazing things. I’ve captured a newborns first days, a bride nervously getting ready for her wedding, a boyfriend awkwardly kissing his fiancé on the forehead because “she saw it on Pinterest and it was adorable,” parents shaking their heads at their excited kiddos showing off during a “staged and loving” family photo, a miraculous sunset that is so beautiful you could swear it might be your last. I’ve learned to be increasingly patient while waiting for the perfect shot to come together and I’ve learned that I have the power to freeze time in an image that will last forever.

When I’m not shooting, I enjoy camping and going on the hunt for a great breakfast! I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people and I’m proud to say I’m from such a breathtaking place as Nova Scotia. I’ll never be one to turn down a good drive without a destination or a couple hours of sitting at the beach watching the waves crash (I’m pretty much the girl in the Rupert Holmes song “Escape” – yes, I do like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain.)


HBH_6839 copy.jpgHBH_5875 copy


  • Hilary, you photographs are beyond amazing. you are so determined to get to where you want to be, no worries you will be happy! never give up taking pictures, you have a talent! 🙂

  • Hillary, I’m in love with all of your photos, every single one! You have a talent that I can honestly say I have never seen before, thanks for sharing and please keep them coming!!!

  • enjoyed looking at this site and looking at your beautiful photography…Love it all. You are a true talent and… look forward to seeing more… I need a Hilary Hendsbee photo for my wall. :o) Cx

    • One of my favorite photo’s that Hilary took was inside an old home…I love peeking inside older homes! An old chair with a bright, red seat situated against lovely weathered walls…the patina on the walls are shades of browns…love it so
      much it’s at Lythesome Gallery getting framed…even has the artists signature 🙂

  • Hilary you are a wonderful photographer and a sweet young lady……Keep up your hard work it will certainly pay off in the end!!!

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