adventuring with littles.

I don’t have kiddos yet. It’s always been in the big picture for me just hasn’t happened yet so I borrowed a couple for the afternoon recently. For me, watching kids grow up is a powerful thing. They analyze things around them so intently, know nothing but love and their giggles are the best sound in the world. I really don’t think there is anything better!

I borrowed two of my clients for the afternoon yesterday. Ava & Carly have been behind my lens more times than I can count and I always enjoy their company so I took them on an adventure to Guysborough for the afternoon to show them where I grew up. To say they were excited was an understatement. I confirmed the evening before with their mom to check if we were still on and she sent me this:IMG_5931.JPGI picked them up and was told they had been watching the clock very closely all day, anxiously waiting for 3PM to hit. They had their bags packed up with EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING they might need for adventures. They had changes of clothes, boots, shoes, sweaters, towels, and anything else they may have needed. These kiddos were beyond prepared!

We spent time hiking in to a waterfall. Carly said it was only her third waterfall she ever saw in her life! Despite the lack of rain recently, we still found mud and a lot of it! The three of us made up stories on the way out of the path to pass time faster – their imaginations blew me out of the water and the three of us giggled the entire walk out! HBH_1739 copyHBH_1731 copyHBH_1843 copy_DSC0769 copyHBH_1751 copyHBH_1823-Edit copyHBH_1834 copy_DSC0808-Edit copy_DSC0865 copyIMG_0961_DSC0823-Edit copyUpon the many stops we made, we had a dip with my younger sister, Lexie. The girls paddled around Farm Lake until their fingers got soggy much like I did during summers when I was a kid. Surely they would have stayed in longer if we hadn’t had to go home to Antigonish. On our way back, we stopped at my dad’s for a feed of green beans and raspberries that were harvested from Carol’s greenhouse! _DSC0871 copy_DSC0874 copyI think the image below is a good sign. I told their mama that they’d be asleep when I brought them home. They were tuckered out and passed out quickly into our drive home but after an afternoon of swimming, hiking, and bouncing on the trampoline, I’d say a good sleep is just what they needed! Thanks so much for being my adventure buddies, Ava & Carly – you were fun little co-pilots! IMG_0967

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