adventurous, unpredictable, & intense.

When you ask someone to describe you in three words, what do you hope those words will be? We all see ourselves in a different light but we often fixate on our own worst traits long before we embrace our shining qualities. If I could choose three words to best describe myself, I’d choose adventurous, unpredictable & intense. 

I live for adventure. The older I get, the more I try to let my senses embrace the world around me. I sold Jennie the Jetta last week and in the 17 months I had her on the road, we covered 79,823kms together. My body craves new sights, new roads, new tunes, new tastes, and new people. The more I explore, the more satisfied I am when I fall asleep at the end of a long day adventuring. Conversely, the more I explore, the harder it is to sleep sometimes because I can’t shut my mind off either replaying what I experienced that day or out of pure excitement for what I’ll see when I wake up.

My unpredictability is reliable if nothing else. You’ll never know what end of the province I may be in at any given time. You may never know when I’ll show up out of the blue. It’s never known what outlandish story will come from my lips next. I don’t belong to a set group of friends – I’m a drifter at best and it’s a title I embrace and cherish. Blame it on being desperately impulsive or blame it on my wild soul but I like living without a set algorithm or schedule because I can guarantee I’ll never be bored.

Finally, my intensity. It’s a trait that will forever be both a blessing and a curse. I live with great intensity. I love with enormous intensity. I laugh with intensity. I feel with an intensity that’s too much sometimes. I care too much. I think too much. I’m too intense for some people to handle and to be honest, it’s too much for me most times too but again, it ensures I’ll never be bored.

So, what three words will you choose to describe you and your life?

HBH_5875 copy
may 31 // first swim in cameron’s lake of the season! cannonballing my way into june! full disclosure | i really only did this for a good instagram. i went alone, set my timer up and psyched myself up for one quick jump. all i needed was one good shot. i set up the camera and it began shooting, i ran towards the dock and said “frig it” and cannonballed in. as i scrambled to get out, i checked the image and it was just my splash. SHIT! in the end, i had to do this about 18 times, so 263 images later, this is what i’ve got – a fun picture of the summer i’m going to cannonball into and a funny story about my only true adventure friend; my self timer!  
_DSC9940 copy
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i said goodbye to #jenniethejetta on friday and brought this 2016 vw tiguan highline r-line home. i have yet to name this bad boy but it’ll come. i’m ridiculously smitten with my newest wheels and can’t wait to see where they take me!
_DSC9899 copy
i’m antsy to camp in the new rig. i was sure to put the seats down and lie in the back when i test drove it and i fit lying down with room to spare. i’ll get the chance to sleep in it very very soon and you can bet i’m going to blog about it!

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morning coffee.

If it wasn’t for my adventurous soul, my unpredictable lifestyle and my intense personality, I’d be crazy bored, my Instagram feed would be bleak and my stories would blow so I’m forever grateful I am the way I am. Trust me when I say I have no intentions of changing. Speaking of Instagram, follow @hilaryhendsbee to keep up with my road trips, explorations and all around good times – I promise it’s fun and not a bunch of duck face, over filtered, teeth whitened selfies!

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