after tea.

Picture yourself having a stressful day. People smothering you with questions. That work pile that just keeps growing. The asshole that cut you off on your morning commute. Your hair isn’t going quite the way you wanted and your pants feel a little tight. You can’t decide what you want for supper but what you can decide on is that you would rather be anywhere but at work.

Today was your typical dreary and damp Monday. It’s the kind of morning where you didn’t want to lose the jammies. You didn’t anticipate making coffee until 11am… which is when you woke up. Regardless, when the day is done, I get to look forward to coming home to my little cottage-house tucked away in the forest. I make a cup of tea and cozy into my leather recliner in front of my wood stove. Suddenly, all the issues of the day dissolve. You feel your heart rate gradually drop to a “near normal” level that doesn’t beat out of your chest. You picture the asshole who cut you off eating a cold supper because karma is a bitch. That was how my day went today.

One day down, another to conquer tomorrow.

DSC_1205DSC_1210Thank goodness for tea & wood fires. DSC_1199DSC_1173DSC_1189DSC_1234

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