afternoons with daddio.

On Saturday afternoon, I met up with my dad for an adventure at an old saw mill I found, thanks to another adventuring friend, Malorie. It’s always fun to go shooting with someone else. Although you are shooting the same subject, you always come up with different outcomes. When I revisit places to shoot, I always try and figure out different ways to capture the shot. I had the idea that I was going to get a long exposure shot of the moving water but the ice made it difficult to set up a tripod. The way the trees are at this location also make it pretty hard to get a clear shot. If you inspect the first photo, you can see the waterfall is frozen over. I couldn’t get close enough to get a good angle unfortunately. Maybe next time… DSC_1862-Edit-2


Can’t help getting a selfie here and there.

DSC_1875-Edit DSC_1919-Edit DSC_1927

The daddio himself.

DSC_1931 DSC_1935

Took a quick trip to Barrio’s Beach. The sky was warm and inviting here before the sunset.


I’ve been to this property before (also on a ridiculously chilly day). There are many outbuildings on this property that have lots of character but as the sun was setting and my feet were becoming unbearably cold, I found I couldn’t focus on shooting anymore and had a “heat only” mindset. I would have liked to explore the house itself a little more but these aging buildings become very unpredictable structurally and falling through the floor is a massive concern. To be honest though, I’m more afraid of a rabies infected rogue raccoon coming after me.  DSC_2023 DSC_2029

All in all, a fantastic adventure. I will remember to wear warmer clothing next time. I wore my Hunter boots, which are useless as far as warmth, even with two pairs of socks on (yes, they keep you dry but I get so irritated when my feet are cold.)

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