alister & kate.

Thunder showers & showers of love were in the forecast for Alister & Kate’s wedding day at Crystal Cliffs. The skies broke about an hour before their ceremony and about ten minute before they were to say “I do” the clouds broke, the sun came out and everything happened according to plan!

Surrounded by family & friends, their big day went off without a hitch despite the weather bumps. As a photographer, this couple was my dream! I didn’t have to pose them or tell them how to be – they are so in love after 12 years of companionship that they had it all down pact! Their love for each other warmed my heart. Alister and Kate were beaming all day as were their families & guests! It truly was a beautiful thing to be a part of! HBH_2932 copyHBH_2789 copyHBH_2793 copy.jpg_DSC0892 copyImpending doom before the skies opened.HBH_3268 copyHBH_3256 copyHBH_3231 copyHBH_4039 copyHBH_3794 copyHBH_3296 copyHBH_3969 copyHBH_4176 copyHBH_4192 copyHBH_4205 copyHBH_4168 copyHBH_4129 copy_DSC0898 copyTo table 12, I was a hero. We won’t go into details but I was “Jamie Myra” for the evening (hope your cracked rib gets better… I’m terrified to sneeze after that story!) HBH_4593 copyThis shot gets me right in the feels. So. Much. Love!

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