amy & jeff get hitched!

Amy & Jeff’s cheeks probably still hurt a few days after their wedding from smiling and giggling – I know mine did that night! Although their wedding day gave us sunny skies, it also gave us hurricane force winds and a thunderstorm at the end of the evening. I truly and honestly thought I was going to blow over at their ceremony at Chez DeLauriers in Pomquet but I have to admit, it was perfect for keeping the typical mosquito cloud away! My ankles thanked me for the breeze and I’m sure everyone was thankful as the direct sun was killer!

I first shot Amy & Jeff a few weeks ago when we did their engagement session (click here to see those photos!) and knew I was in for a day full of laughs as soon as I met them! They are two of the kindest people and their love for each other is so so so strong! I was unbelievably honoured to shoot their big day but it was one of those weddings that didn’t feel like work at all – it just felt like I knew them forever! As a photographer, these are the best kinds of weddings to be a part of!

Here’s a few sneak peeks to enjoy from their big day! 🙂

HBH_9506 copyHBH_9513 copyWhen I say we laughed all day, I mean ALL DAY! HBH_9745 copyHBH_9750 copyHBH_9589 copyHBH_9698 copyHBH_9578 copyAmy got Jeff the COOLEST wedding gift ever! HIP TICKETS for The Tragically Hip’s farewell tour on their drive back out west! Amazing! HBH_9636 copyHBH_9982 copyA quiet moment with one of the ring bearers before walking down the aisle.HBH_0835 copyHBH_0812 copyHBH_0803 copyHBH_0729 copyThey clean up pretty well (see above) but give them a few to let the real “them” come out! Amy & Jeff had the best wedding party around! HBH_0749 copyHBH_0755 copyHBH_0827 copyHBH_0846 copyHBH_0881 copyHBH_1193 copyHBH_1182 copyHBH_1294 copy

Even at the end of the night, these two were still a barrel of laughs! So so cute!

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  1. You guys look amazing. I can see the love and hear the laughter. Here’s to make more years of both. Party on!

  2. Beautiful pictures that show how beautiful these two are! Lots of Love Michelle McGuigan

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