a new year.

Where to start? I blankly stare at this keyboard. It’s been so long since I’ve posted anything but thanks to my dad for putting the bug in my ear and getting me going for another year. It’s a stormy night here in Nova Scotia. Luckily, I still have power (for now – surely I’ve jinxed it.) I now live in the small area of Maryvale, tucked away in Antigonish County. I live in a small A-Frame house tucked in a thicket of birch trees. We have a small mountain range in our backyard but we are still only 5 minutes away from the ocean; the best of both worlds. Our house isn’t visible from the road but yet the Nor’Easter winds are still blowing around our little nook in the woods. Due to inclement weather, I was released from work early today. I sat at home most of the afternoon talking to my cats and considering my new year. I hum and haw on how I can make my new year a better year than the last – the cats have no input. I think the first improvement I make is to stop talking to the cats so much while seeking a reply. I set myself up for constant failure doing so.


Looking at the previous year, one thing is certain – I didn’t take even 90% of the “me time” that I should have. I took on 24 weddings over the summer. I worked full time on top of that. I tried to maintain a social life. Moved three times. So many things but certainly not enough personal time to unwind. Over the summer, it was to the point that I had to schedule when to shower in my phone because I was so busy. There is something wrong with that image. Although I feel overall successful with my year, I am physically, mentally and emotionally drained but I am excited to experience yet another year. I became so overwhelmed with photos that I have started to lose the interest in it. I feel this feeling of disconnection when I hold my camera or look at things. I had forced myself to use it too much and had drained my creative juices. This year is all about recharging those and rekindling my love for my camera and for photos in general. I’m not really one for resolutions but having a general idea on how to make the next year better is always welcome. I have decided to hug people more, to travel more, to spend more time outside and to take more photos for me. I believe having those guidelines will help me become a happier me for 2014.

This blog from here on out will showcase my adventures and my life. Not my clients. I need an outlet for my own stuff – something to keep me going! Keep posted for my new adventures, new travel and new photos. 2014 has lots in store for me.

DSC_0948My living room has the best view. Below is what I woke up to this morning. There is honestly three feet of snow out there. I live in the most perfect winter wonderland. I will be accepting any offers to help dig me out today 


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