Antigonish Family Portraits | Sean, Shirlyn & Mira.

I get asked quite often what my favourite part of of my job is. I don’t classify being a photographer as a job. If you enjoy it, it shouldn’t be “work” per say. Rather than being employed, I’m “funemployed”. I love what I do. For me, the obvious things like being able to be my own boss, call the shots on how many hours I work and when I work come to mind but there’s a much bigger factor! Since I am based in a small town, I am lucky enough to have lots of repeat clients. The majority of my work is family portraits so my all-time favourite part of being a photographer is getting to watch families grow up, expand and change. I love getting to see these families season after season. Recently, I had the honour of shooting this precious little family. I first got to capture them last year when Sean & Shirlyn welcomed their daughter, Mira into the world! It’s always a pleasure to work with the same clients time and time again and ensures you’ve done your job well!

With this latest session, we headed up to a local garden and just went with the flow. Mira roamed around in the field and totally hammed it up. The weather was brilliant and there was not a blackfly in sight! Another wonderful session with wonderful clients!





DSC_6375 DSC_6202 DSC_6353

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