It’s currently 12:30ish pm on December 31st – a day ahead of my usual time. I’m seated at gate 13 awaiting my final flight to Brisbane where Beth & I will hopefully grab a nap, sort out our cell phones and bank accounts and then ring in the New Year with the Aussies Down Under! It’s currently about 27 degrees and a muggy heat, I may add. I’ve yet to feel jet lagged however I know it’s imminent. I’ll keep this one short and sweet, mostly as a public service announcement that I am, in fact, alive and well, although I’m 17,020kms from home. My backpack was forgotten by Air Canada in Toronto and is likely about 14,000kms away. Luckily I put all my emergency things in my overpacked carry ons and I had the last laugh! Funny the way that works out.

I’m likely going to be quiet the next few days but will have an overload of photos soon! All the best in the New Year, with love from Down Under!



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