in-home sessions.

When I go home to my parents homes, I occasionally leaf through the photos from when we were kids. My dad, a photographer himself, was constantly capturing us and we have many photographs of us playing dress-up, exploring around outside, overflowing our Jacuzzi with bubbles, and lazying around the couch on rainy days. Those are the memories I want to remember forever. Those are the photos I want to someday show my own littles. Those were the good days and I hope I can capture the same feelings for my clients in their homes! DSC_0627copy

With the weather getting colder here in Nova Scotia, I find myself doing more and more photo sessions in-home. The photos are a true reflection of your family. They range from baking cookies with the kids, snuggling on the couch, playing dinkies on the living room floor, reading books to each other and sometimes even bath time.

The photographs show messy, well lived-in homes and families with full hearts and beaming smiles. The floors may not have been swept in weeks. You might have dishes piled up and laundry all over the place but guess what? I don’t care! That’s life. It’s chaotic. It’s messy. It’s your chaos and your mess and it’s perfectly perfect in it’s own chaotic, messy way.

Here’s a couple of my favourite “in-home” photos taken over the past few years! There were lots of messes, tickle fights, monkeys on the bed, giggle fits and overall, lots of love!

DSC_7797DSC_7839DSC_4708copyDSC_0681copyDSC_9848copyDSC_9578copyDSC_4447DSC_1766 (1)DSC_6688 copy



mirror image media.

DSC_3806 copy

Meet Meaghan and Marie Wright. Identical twins hailing from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia who are videographers in Halifax. I’ve been blessed with their friendship for a few years now. It all began with a serious Instagram crush and a little envy that I don’t have a twin. After much deliberation, the three of us went out for breakfast at The Ardmore Tearoom and it was as if we had known each other for our entire lives. I’ve got nothing but mad love for these two. I also kinda wish I was the third Wright twin. Actually, not kinda; I do wish I was the third Wright twin.

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

The girls came to me with an idea to get some Christmas shots to send out to their clients; the cheesier the better! While we grabbed some seasonal photos, I couldn’t help but take some “normal-ish” shots of them for social media. The session was full of laughs, hugs and a pizza break at Yeah Yeah’s Pizza (sweet Jesus, if you haven’t had it, drop everything and go… RIGHT NOW!)

I encourage you to check out their work and keep them in mind for any neat video projects in the future and brides; THEY DO WEDDINGS!

Instagram: @mirrorimagemedia or

Here’s a peek of our little session from the weekend!

DSC_3784 copyDSC_3694 copyDSC_3713 copyDSC_3678 copy.jpgDSC_3724 copyDSC_3862 copyDSC_3939 copy

christmas with the pinkohs’ kids.

If you have kids, have been around kids or know a kid, you know all too well that they are incredibly unpredictable. There truly is never a dull moment and this session proved that! I’m still giggling from my morning spent with the Pinkohs’ kids!

To commemorate the first Christmas spent in their brand new house, we did a Christmas themed session and boy, did we have fun!  The kids showed me around their new property while telling me some of the best stories I’ve heard in a long time including “remember the time I ran over a kid when we were on vacation… but he was okay” and “remember the time we went to the beach and I gave that girl the finger?” coming from the youngest!! We had a blast!

Here’s some of my favourite shots from this very laid-back, very entertaining session!

DSC_2312 copyDSC_2345 copyDSC_2371 copyDSC_2413 copyDSC_2414 copyDSC_2427 copyDSC_2439 copyDSC_2460 copyDSC_2452 copy.jpg


newborn // caroline.

Newborn sessions have quickly become a favourite of mine. As much as I love newborn portraits, I have always gravitated to capturing the whole family, including the fur family! For me, having mum & dad in the photos is so important! Any parent will tell you that those first few weeks go by so fast making it ever more crucial to photograph them!

I love the raw moments that happen when I’m behind the lens – moments that might seem so routine that you might not think to capture them with an iPhone or camera on your own. I’m not really one to put a newborn in a basket and props. I’ve always enjoyed the at home atmosphere more!

Baby Caroline’s session was very laid back and casual. The focus was on the baby and a whole lot of snuggles! I’m so so so happy with these photographs and happy this little family will have them to cherish forever! BABYGROVER-0090BABYGROVER-0123BABYGROVER-0155BABYGROVER-0199BABYGROVER-0354BABYGROVER-0378BABYGROVER-0398

puppy love // sawyer.

The only thing better than having cute friends to spend time with is when those cute friends get cute puppies! Meet Sawyer, a twelve week old Golden Retriever with the goofiest, sweetest little soul you’d find!

DSC_9539 copy.jpg

Usually when people ask me to photograph their pets, I kindly decline. I find pets hard to pose and where I’m more of a cat person by nature, I find dogs especially hard to get a good shot of. Cats typically just chill out and give you looks that shoot daggers through your soul, then come and rub up against you as if they’re suddenly ready to accept affection. Dogs are always moving, always curious and seem to have a more extroverted personality… But that all went out the window when my friend Andrea asked me to photograph her and Sawyer, there was no way I could say no! I mean, look at these two!

DSC_9665 copy

DSC_9625 copyDSC_9624 copyDSC_9549 copyDSC_9555 copy

The three of us grabbed coffee, samosas and went for a walk through Point Pleasant Park in Halifax. The weather lately has been hovering at unseasonably warm temperatures but it makes morning walks pretty nice. We stuck around the park for about three hours laughing at the puppy, shooting the shit and meeting other people’s dogs. It’s funny – I’m not a pet owner but yesterday I only cared to learn the other dogs names, not their human’s… It’s so strange but I know it’s all too common. I found myself smiling at more dogs than humans too – also weird and my “puppy” voice came out in full force.

We met these beautiful dogs also! If you need an overload of puppy love, head on down to Point Pleasant Park in Halifax and you can see a ton of adorable pups!

DSC_9489 copyDSC_9572 copyDSC_9566 copy


sweetness in maryvale.

Ever feel “at home” somewhere? For me, the few years I lived in Maryvale were “home.” It was a place that I felt comforted, at peace and always well rested. When I was still living in Antigonish, I ventured to Maryvale a few times a week and envisioned where I would eventually put a home of my own. It always filled my heart so when Phallen messaged me about photos and said they lived in Maryvale, I was over the moon excited to capture their family there.

This session was immensely laid back. We used a few different locations. Fed the baby when he decided modelling was “not his thing” and focused very little on posed images so we kept the attention of a very busy & curious toddler. Everything about this little session made me very happy and I’m even happier with the finished images! DSC_3472copyDSC_3341copyDSC_3451copyDSC_3468copyDSC_3440copyDSC_3409copyDSC_3647copyDSC_3553copyDSC_3398copy

newborn // ruth.

I met The Lukeman’s for the first time just after they introduced their first daughter, Cora, to the world a few years ago! I was over the moon when Ellen informed me they were expecting again and that they couldn’t wait to have me capture their growing family again!

Welcome to the world, sweet Ruth! You’re one lucky little peach with the sweetest family around!


fall sessions.

My favourite time of year is on it’s way back around. The air is cooler. The sweaters are coming out. Everything on the menus has pumpkin spice in it. This can only mean one thing: TIME TO BOOK YOUR FALL PHOTO SESSION! HBH_0726copy.jpg

The month of October is hands down my busiest month and it books really quickly. I’ve decided to do things a bit differently this year so here are your options!

HBH_6922copy (2).jpg

Fall Mini Sessions

  • These sessions will take place on all four weekends of October in Antigonish. Spaces are limited. Only when I’ve received a deposit is your spot reserved. Upon reservation, you can change the date of your session if need be (rain, or otherwise) however no refunds will be offered if you can’t make it.
  • I will be hosting these sessions at two different locations. Location 1 is Beaver Mountain Park and Location 2 is Arisaig Park.
  • They are 30 minutes long.
  • Sessions are $200 tax inc ($50 deposit upon booking, $150 due on the day of your session.) Cash/cheque or e-transfer are accepted.
  • 15 final high resolution files with print rights.
  • Christmas card template included.
  • Maximum 5 people. If you have a larger group, we can totally chat about your needs!

Fall Lifestyle Sessions

  • Sessions can happen anytime in the month of October or November.
  • It’s recommended you choose your own location when you book your session. Choosing your location gives your images a really genuine feel that tells the story of you and your family! Pick a spot you guys love or somewhere that you hold near and dear to your heart!
  • Sessions are $250 tax inc. ($50 deposit upon booking, $200 due on the day of your session.) Cash/cheque or e-transfer are accepted.
  • You get up to two hours of shooting time if needed.
  • 30+ final high resolution files with print rights.
  • Christmas card template included.
  • Maximum 6 people. If you have a larger group, we can find something that suits your accommodates you!

What should I bring?

Bring a blanket in case you don’t want to get your butts wet. Snacks for the little ones are always a great idea. I totally welcome you to bring your furry family members and above all, bring your best smiles!

What should we wear?

Good question! I always recommend wearing something you’re comfortable in. My golden rule is to choose three colours that you can mix and match with your family. This ensures you look put together but not too matchy matchy. There are some great links below for some more help to ensure you guys look your best!

What happens if it rains on the day our session is booked?

Mother Nature can be tricky to work around. I try my best to reschedule for the next weekend if I can. We’ll make it work – don’t worry!

We’ve never had our photos taken before – what can we expect?

I’m an incredibly laid back photographer. I keep my sessions really light and fun. I tell really bad jokes, pretend to have crazy things on my head to make your kiddos look at me and laugh and I make sure you guys look your best while in front of my lens!

When will we get our photos?

Photos typically take 1-2 weeks to process. Once finished, I’ll shoot you your personalized link where you can download all your images and get to printing and sharing!

Alright. You’ve convinced us. How do we book you?



jason & heather.

Prior to Jason and Heather’s wedding, we walked around the venue and got to know each other. Jason explained his love for Deadpool and Heather told me “we’re all cryers so look out.”

My kinda people. Deadpool is one of my favourites and I’m also a huge cryer.

I’ve attended hundreds of weddings over the last ten years but this was easily one of the most heartwarming, emotional wedding days I’ve been a part of. I laughed so hard I almost peed myself, I used my sleeve a few too many times to wipe away tears and by the end, I felt like I’d known them all my life! The love these two share makes my heart so happy and judging by all the laughter and happy tears that flowed all day, I’m not the only one!

Thank you for letting me experience your happiest day, guys! xxDSC_5353 copyDSC_5364 copyDSC_5381 copyDSC_5390 copyDSC_5475 copyDSC_5592 copyDSC_5742 copyDSC_5771 copyDSC_6001 copyDSC_6366 copyDSC_6296 copyDSC_6049 copyDSC_5694 copyDSC_6195 copyDSC_6205 copyDSC_6148 copyDSC_6622 copyDSC_6777 copyDSC_6822 copyDSC_6774 copyDSC_7447 copyDSC_7542 copy

the macinnis family.

I had so much fun with this family! Sisters Cameron & Annie took me back to when my own sister, Olivia and I were around the same age back in the early 90’s. They have the cutest little connection and it made my heart so happy! Sister love is my favourite kind of love!

This session was more about going for a walk in the woods, blowing bubbles, throwing rocks in the ocean and giggling up a storm than it was about getting the perfect family photo. I think that’s how it should be! Family photos should be fun and not stressful! These guys made my job easy!

DSC_8733 copyDSC_8262 copyDSC_8421 copyDSC_8631 copyDSC_8579 copyDSC_8755 copyDSC_8661 copy