battery chargers.

Let me paint you a picture. I live in a small storey and a half house in Antigonish. I have two of my best friends from elementary school living with me. In March, when we came to look at the house, we fell in love, mainly because it had painted walls and didn’t look like a cookie cutter rental. I had chosen a room on the main level of the house next to the kitchen while the girls selected rooms on the upper floor. When I first saw the room, I thought it was the largest. I did not take in to account that the current tenant had a single bed (if that) and one dresser in the room. Now that I have moved in, I have a double bed, a dresser, a desk for my iMac and clutter, a table with my 42″ Bravia and a lot of clothes, I realize my room is the smallest. A nice word would be “cozy” for my room. I classify my lifestyle as “organized chaos” on a good day. My clothes are usually scattered as are my boyfriends on the floor. I have an abundance of blankets on my bed… I would estimate there are enough to keep 20 people warm at once. It is quite hard to keep track of things while I continue to humor others with my chaotic lifestyle.

Now for my actual story. This morning I discovered that my camera needed a charge badly. I had NO IDEA where my charger was. (I would have taken photos to illustrate a better picture but with a dead camera, this is difficult.) After phoning my mother and my father figuring I had absent mindedly left it behind on my last visits. No dice. I began rooting through my laundry which resulted in my doing a few loads. I organized my bed. Cleaned underneath it (unheard of!) and still nothing. I checked my car, my purse and my kitchen thinking of unrealistic places. I recounted my steps over and over until I realized the last time I charged it was for a musical performance by Ian Sherwood & Kim Dunn at the Dragon Fly Café. This in turn told my mind it was behind my television. Problem solved.

My camera is now charging. End of my wonderful story. Keep posted for another strangers post later today and please take this is as advice. I leave you with this: either put your things where they are clearly seen OR don’t live in “organized chaos.”

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