Oceanstone Seaside Resort can be found nestled along the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean not far from Downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia. If I could describe the property in three words it would be charming, relaxing & perfect.

I took my mum for a little mother-daughter retreat. We checked in and were given our keys for the Periwinkle Cottage – a sweet little spot featuring two cozy bedrooms & a deck close enough to the ocean that you could throw a rock off into the Atlantic! The cottage had cute features like barnboard throughout, driftwood accent furniture and a beautiful wood stove. DSC_0030 copyDSC_0029 copyDSC_0361 copyDSC_0032 copyWhen we arrived, there was a cute little customized package waiting for us that included trusty tide charts as well as close-by hikes to check out!DSC_0373 copyDSC_0347 copyDSC_0359 copyDSC_0091 copyWe found the guest log that dated back to the early 2000’s – it was sweet to see little love notes from others who had enjoyed their stay in the Periwinkle Cottage.DSC_0064 copyDSC_0056 copyDSC_0081 copyDSC_0084 copyDSC_0105 copyDSC_0055 copyDSC_0088 copyDSC_0097 copyDSC_0160 copyAfter settling in, I took mum for a drive to the picturesque Peggy’s Cove which is a quick two minutes down the road from our cottage. It doesn’t matter the season, the weather, or who you’re with, this place is always beautiful. Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Nova Scotia. Tourists flock year after year to take in the stunning coastline she guards making it one of the most photographed lighthouses around! DSC_0110 copyDSC_0138 copyDSC_0148-Edit copyMum said the coat made her look fat. We laughed pretty hard at this moment. I thoroughly enjoyed being touristy in our home province. I also enjoyed spending some one on one time with my mum. It can seem hard sometimes between work and having other siblings to really scrape out time for just the two of us but I think we both enjoyed the bonding session. DSC_0155 copyFor dinner, we headed for our 6:30pm reservation at Rhubarb Restaurant. I’ve enjoyed several meals here in the past, each surpassing the next experience to the point where I know I’d devour anything placed on a plate in front of me as long as it was made by the talented folks here! We probably could have been rolled out by the end of our delicious meal! DSC_0171 copyDSC_0185 copyDSC_0194 copyDSC_0213 copyDSC_0193 copyDSC_0260 copyAs the night wore on, we caught a beautiful sunset from the back step of our cottage – a view of the sky that anyone would stop and stare at. I threw my onesie on and stepped outside to watch it. It’s been a while since I’ve just stopped to take in a sky like this. Life gets in the way. Time slips too quick… It’s hard sometimes to give yourself the time you really need and deserve to unwind. I came away from my evening at Oceanstone completely relaxed and recharged and for that, I’m grateful!DSC_0288-Edit copyDSC_0269-Edit copyAfter the sun set, I made sure to stargaze from our deck as well. It’s hard to believe we were so close to the capital yet it felt so far from everything. The only thing you could hear was a slight breeze and the waves kissing the shore. The later it got, the wind picked up a little more and the sound of the waves crashing harder was like a sweet lullaby that put me right to sleep.DSC_0319 copyDSC_0343 copyI made sure to put the s’more kit to good use! I love a good ooey gooey s’more before bed! If I could say anything about my stay other than that I love love loved staying here, it’s that you should bring your coziest clothes you’ve got so you can completely unwind here. Wear those ratty sweatpants you’ve had since high school and bring the softest blanket you’ve got so you can snuggle up and de-stress. My other advise: don’t set an alarm! Those beds are too comfy to get out of – stay in bed as long as you can, honey!DSC_0328 copyDSC_0353 copyDSC_0390 copyDSC_0392 copyMy kind of wakeup looks exactly like this: rolling out of a cozy bed well rested, into my warm flannel and checking out the new day in front of the ocean with a hot cup of coffee! DSC_0401 copyA massive thank you to the folks at Oceanstone for inviting my mum & I to stay at their GORGEOUS accommodations. We were treated like royalty and would highly recommend Oceanstone for a stay. Thank you, thank you, thank you!



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hbh_4863-copyMy phone lights up. More likes. More followers. Good. I repeat this process more times than I’d like to admit. I get my fix every time another one comes in. I empty scroll throughout the better part of my days from the second I open my eyes to the minute I start flickering out for the night. It’s sick. Why do I care? What happened to creating work for myself? When did my creative outlet get the best of me?

Photography used to be a means of burning stress. I used to go out with my camera and not only shoot, but I’d document everything along the way. I’d come home with hundreds of images from one little outing at the beach knowing I hadn’t missed a detail. It was just my camera and I showing off our days together. After a while, I began doing it for a living. While I can admit being a photographer is fun, it’s hard when you turn your hobby into work. As we all know, it’s hard to keep work fun no matter what your work may entail. It can become tiring. It can become stressful. Once those things happen, it’s no longer something you enjoy but it’s more of a chore you know you just need to finish. It isn’t always this way. I find it comes and goes in waves but there are always tough times to keep you grounded through the exceptionally great times.

A few years ago, I joined Instagram. I used my feed to post food images, cute posts of my boyfriend, my cat, my cars among other things. It slowly morphed into a showcase for my professional work. I was posting my best images and the feedback that I received was so encouraging and supportive. That part hasn’t changed. What has changed is the way I produce my work. I got to a point where I was trying to post only my best content but this didn’t make me feel my best. I made efforts every morning to get out and get at least one good shot that I could post and get the likes for the day. Only one shot. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone out and only come back to upload about ten images from my camera. Ten shutter counts. That’s nothing compared to the hundreds I’d come home with during my earlier years. I lost the feeling I’d initially loved and traded it for likes. What the fuck?

Recently, I’ve identified this issue and addressed it by taking a step back from my social media to see if I could rekindle my love for photography and reassess the way I share my images. I know this might seem very stupid to some of you but I believe its equally relatable to many people I know.

I started by taking the notifications off of my phone. I still get my calls and my messages but those are the only notifications I allow for the time being. I rarely check my phone since disabling most of notifications. It’s incredibly peaceful not to have notifications distracting me from daily life. It’s also nice not to be prompted to open the apps that I would waste endless hours “creeping” though after a notification would pop up. Now, let me clarify: I love seeing the work my fellow peers share. Instagram has connected me with some INCREDIBLE humans who support me and constantly push me to produce greater content. I’ve become friends with people through Instagram and for that, I couldn’t be happier. There are so many talented humans out there that I’ve grown to admire and respect; especially locally. That internet thing has it’s perks, I’ll admit!

For the next few weeks, I’ve decided it’s best that I don’t scroll endlessly. It’s best that I don’t try to create if my heart isn’t into it. It’s best if I just recharge and take a minute away. Like the ocean, these things come and go just like the tides; high and low. I intend to ride it out and see where the waves take me!


car camping 101


HBH_6627 copyDo you want to drive with no destination and not worry about setting up a tent in the dark? Are you the type of person who enjoys having all their gear with them at all times? Is camping without getting soaked in the middle of the night important to you? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, I suggest you give car camping a try!

_DSC0907-Edit copy.jpgIn May, I traded in my ultra sporty ’14 Jetta GLI in for a ’16 Tiguan Highline R-line. When I initially test drove the Tiguan, I folded the back seats down and proceeded to lie down in the rear cargo area while the salesmen looked on with great confusion. When I explained to them that my intention was to camp in the back and not tote around dead bodies, they seemed to comprehend my actions a little more. I discovered that a person under 5’8″ can fit lying straight in the back area of a Tiguan. Pleased with my findings, I decided I’d go ahead with purchasing it and cancelled my order for a GLI Autobahn. Since May, I’ve slept in the back of my Tiguan countless times and it now has 33,000kms on it. hbh_5802-edit-copyHere are my must haves when it comes to car camping.

  1. A comfy sleeping pad. Unfortunately, the floor of any vehicle is not very forgiving and therefore quite uncomfortable. Grab a sleeping pad that inflates and deflates easily and that stores conveniently. I have tried a few but I find the single inflatable ones tend to work the best! Keep in mind that with sleeping pads; sometimes less is more! The bulky ones can take longer to inflate and take up more room in the long run!
  2. Blankets, pillows & sleeping bags. This goes without saying but if you’re going to be sleeping anywhere, you want to be sure you’re going to be comfortable and warm! I tend to bring a few blankets with me wherever I go. Nova Scotia’s climate changes so frequently that you’ve always got to be prepared!
  3. Mini lights (as seen above) – I managed to score a set of battery powered ones at Superstore over the summer for $12! They run on 3AAA batteries and give off so much light. These ones are on a little wire so they can be strung easily and stay wherever you put them. You can also get a solar powered set!
  4. Warm socks! I can’t stress enough to keep a pair of socks handy when you go to bed. I keep a fuzzy pair in my sleeping bag so when I’m finished up from a big hiking day, I take off my wet, sweaty ones and put on dry, warm ones for the rest of the night. No one likes damp, cold feet when you’re trying to fall asleep!
  5. Water. I always keep water close by. The easiest thing to do is keep all the things you might need in the middle of the night like cell phone, flashlight, water bottle, toilet paper, etc in the door holder in the back so you’re not fighting to find it half way through the night… In the dark…
  6. Garbage bag: this goes without saying but it just makes life a lot easier if you have a designated bag that you can dump at your next spot with facilities!
  7. Build a bug protector. Ventilation is key but bugs are not! If you’ve ever been trapped in an enclosed space with just one mossi, you know it’s bad news. My vehicle is equipped with a “sunshade” that slides across the panoramic roof at the click of a button. This sunshade is made from an airy material that allows a breeze to come through the roof but keeps pesky little critters out at night!

Tip: If it’s not raining, I usually take one or two of my floor mats out and put one under the hatch and another by one of the back doors so I don’t have to keep my muddy shoes in the car. This also means I’m not dragging dirt into my sleeping bag!


I’ve been able to learn a lot over the past few months about how to car camp and each time I go, I learn a few more things that make it easier for me! So far, I’ve only been able to venture out during the warmer months but I’m looking forward to testing out winter camping not only in the car, but also in the hammock (this will come in another post!)


robert & liesel.

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I first met this adorable couple a few months back when we did their engagement session. Like many couples I meet with, this was their first time getting professional photos taken and like most, I think the experience was much less painful than expected! We had planned a sunset session but our sunset was a bust! Luckily, we still managed to get some great portraits that really show their love for one another. hbh_4728-copyhbh_4716-copyhbh_4688-copyhbh_4858-copyhbh_4755-copyhbh_4772-copyhbh_4775-copyhbh_4795-copyhbh_4825-copyhbh_4828-copyAnd just like that, Liesel & Robert’s big day snuck up on us. They had the most beautiful October day with sunny skies, a great breeze & perfect temperatures. Surrounded by their favourite people, the two exchanged vows at St. Andrew’s Church and had a few hours to do some photos. I’m so happy for the two of you! Thanks for letting me be a part of your day!


sarah & tom // antigonish wedding.

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Dear Tom & Sarah, 

Thanks for making me cry a thousand times at your wedding. For good reasons. The profound love you share for each other is so heartwarming that your feelings become contagious. The words swapped between you during your vows were so genuine and beautiful that I know there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Your sense of humour as the day progressed made every ounce of your wedding day one of the most fun days I’m sure not many will forget. Thank you for allowing my to be a part of your day! May the love that you share for each other never ever fade and I hope you keep the jokes flowing! 


Your sappy little wedding photographer.

Tom & Sarah’s wedding date got changed around a few times. When we finally settled on a date, the day started out beautiful and quickly progressed into downpours that you couldn’t see through. In case you didn’t know, a downpour isn’t optimal for an outdoor wedding. About 10 minutes after the ceremony was scheduled to go forward, the sky cleared up and it was go time for this beautiful couple. I meant it above when I said there wasn’t a dry eye in that yard (and maybe not a dry bum either as the chairs had been left out in the rain). Tom and Sarah’s words they exchanged were so captivatingly beautiful that everyone was deeply touched. It was absolutely beautiful!

We didn’t have much time after the ceremony to catch sunset BUT what we did catch was spectacular! The sunset that poured through the dark clouds at the top of Beech Hill was one of the most stunning I’ve ever seen. I was in my little happy place playing with the gorgeous light that glowed through the dark clouds!

Thank you so much, Tom & Sarah for including me in your day! It was truly a pleasure! 20160903-hbh_206720160903-hbh_208220160903-hbh_209120160903-hbh_217520160903-hbh_226820160903-hbh_2304hbh_2609-copy20160903-hbh_269020160903-hbh_297820160903-hbh_330920160903-hbh_320920160903-hbh_312720160903-hbh_307720160903-hbh_309820160903-hbh_304620160903-hbh_3949


trevor & sarah // antigonish wedding.

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Sarah emailed me what seems like so long ago and explained she was getting married in Georgeville with a reception in Cloverville, both in Antigonish County! Trevor & Sarah had a traditional Catholic ceremony with friends and family filling the pews at the church in Georgeville. Once the ceremony was over, we headed out on a “tour of the Cape” which if you’re from Antigonish, you know what it means. If you’re not, it means you do a drive all around the 337 until it meets the 245 and you head back to town after you’ve gone all the way around! We took the wedding party all along the coast, stopping at perfect spots to grab a few pictures and enjoy the day! Thanks so much for letting me tag along on your incredibly fun East Coast wedding day!! hbh_6343-copyhbh_6349-copyhbh_6385-copyhbh_6406-copyhbh_6440-copyhbh_6836-copyhbh_6903-copyhbh_6952-copyhbh_6968-copyhbh_6995-copyhbh_7010-copyhbh_7026-copyhbh_7030-copyhbh_7037-copyhbh_7045-copyhbh_7156-copyhbh_7207-copy


brianna & mike // antigonish wedding.

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I met Mike & Brianna last year when they visited Antigonish in the fall. I photographed a sunset engagement session for them at Arisaig and created some of my favourite images (check them out here). This gorgeous couple exchanged vows at one of the most picturesque venues  in Antigonish at The Locharber Centre right on the lake! You can tell from their smiling faces that these two had the best day! hbh_3494-copyhbh_3837-copyhbh_3216-copyhbh_4085-copyhbh_3772-copyhbh_3853-copyhbh_4174-copyhbh_4197-copyhbh_4218-copyhbh_4236-copy


ashley & chris.

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What started out as a beautiful morning quickly turned to a windy & rainy scene. For a couple who planned on having their dream wedding on the l’Aboiteau Beach, it wasn’t looking great but no one was scrambling or panicking. The positive thinking worked! The sky cleared up, the sun came out and the wedding went off without a hitch! Ashley & Chris said “I do” surrounded by friends, family and a few beachgoers on their fifth anniversary!

The friends and family that Ashley & Chris chose were far from boring. The day was full of laughs and good vibes – a great way to start a lifetime of happiness together! Félicitations! 20160827-hbh_868320160827-hbh_878820160827-hbh_887620160827-hbh_902820160827-hbh_897920160827-hbh_917520160827-hbh_937820160827-hbh_939620160827-hbh_920420160827-hbh_921620160827-hbh_929120160827-hbh_956320160827-hbh_943320160827-hbh_960120160827-hbh_004920160827-hbh_992920160827-hbh_020920160827-hbh_991720160827-hbh_0125hbh_0321-copyhbh_0300-copy



world photography day.

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HBH_5393 copy.jpgAbout once a month, Jon & I try to coordinate a day that works with our hectic schedules to get out and create some images. I guess part of me expected to shoot a lot yesterday. I had all my gear in the Tiguan. I expected to chase light as I often do and test out my new gear. In reality, I actually took 13 shots and modelled for the rest.

Full disclosure about what you just read. Yes, I modelled. No, I am not a model. I am a photographer but I think anyone can model if you have a body and someone who has a vision that can communicate to you how they want you in their composition. Luckily, Jon and his ridiculously creative mind directed me and I think I might have a new career opening up. Jokes. 100% jokes. I’m going to stick to the viewfinder side of the lens but it was really interesting to be a subject for once.

We spent 90% of our day without cell service. We immersed ourselves deep in the woods and I think I can confidently speak for both of us when I say we are happiest outside. For a few hours, my mind wasn’t plagued with the overwhelming workload I’m facing. I have been emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted over the last few weeks and I needed a day to just be. Nothing else. Maybe it doesn’t make sense but when life is spinning around at Mach 4, to slow it down for even an hour lifts an enormous weight.

I barely touched my camera yesterday. I composed images in my mind. My fingers felt their way around the controls even though my camera wasn’t in my hands. I watched light hit objects in front of me and took mental snapshots and for me, that was enough. I don’t need more images to sit on my computer adding to the overwhelming pile of edits that need to be culled and processed.

Jon and I both have incredibly different styles when it comes to capturing images. We enjoy shooting different things and we interpret scenes differently. We see light in such a different manner and realizing that was something I’m excited to build on in the future to see what we can create as two separate minds. I’m ridiculously excited to see what he came up with on our adventure. It was fascinating to be a subject and watch him work excitedly around the scene but not truly understanding what he was seeing.

As a photographer, I’ve always admired Jon’s work but when you take his camera away and see him as a human being as I’ve gotten to do over the last few months, that’s where the mad respect comes in! In less than a year, I’ve gotten to know a kind, selfless, sometimes sarcastic but mostly funny kinda of guy. He’s my “go-to” adventure buddy. He’s the receiver of my “middle of a wedding shoot & I need to rant” messages. He’s a compassionate, would do anything for yah, hard working, supportive and above all, a very humble person. I’m lucky to have his creative influences as well as his friendship and in saying that, I’d love nothing more than to recognize one of my favourites, Jon Brown, on World Photography Day as someone who consistently inspires me & more often than not, gets me out of my little creative ruts! Thanks for being you, Jon!

Be sure to check out Jon’s ridiculously talented images on Facebook or follow him on Instagram!



amy & jeff get hitched!


Amy & Jeff’s cheeks probably still hurt a few days after their wedding from smiling and giggling – I know mine did that night! Although their wedding day gave us sunny skies, it also gave us hurricane force winds and a thunderstorm at the end of the evening. I truly and honestly thought I was going to blow over at their ceremony at Chez DeLauriers in Pomquet but I have to admit, it was perfect for keeping the typical mosquito cloud away! My ankles thanked me for the breeze and I’m sure everyone was thankful as the direct sun was killer!

I first shot Amy & Jeff a few weeks ago when we did their engagement session (click here to see those photos!) and knew I was in for a day full of laughs as soon as I met them! They are two of the kindest people and their love for each other is so so so strong! I was unbelievably honoured to shoot their big day but it was one of those weddings that didn’t feel like work at all – it just felt like I knew them forever! As a photographer, these are the best kinds of weddings to be a part of!

Here’s a few sneak peeks to enjoy from their big day! 🙂

HBH_9506 copyHBH_9513 copyWhen I say we laughed all day, I mean ALL DAY! HBH_9745 copyHBH_9750 copyHBH_9589 copyHBH_9698 copyHBH_9578 copyAmy got Jeff the COOLEST wedding gift ever! HIP TICKETS for The Tragically Hip’s farewell tour on their drive back out west! Amazing! HBH_9636 copyHBH_9982 copyA quiet moment with one of the ring bearers before walking down the aisle.HBH_0835 copyHBH_0812 copyHBH_0803 copyHBH_0729 copyThey clean up pretty well (see above) but give them a few to let the real “them” come out! Amy & Jeff had the best wedding party around! HBH_0749 copyHBH_0755 copyHBH_0827 copyHBH_0846 copyHBH_0881 copyHBH_1193 copyHBH_1182 copyHBH_1294 copy

Even at the end of the night, these two were still a barrel of laughs! So so cute!