brisbane 2.0

I never thought I would come back to Brisbane, much less move here, but it has happened. Upon searching extensively for a job in Noosa, Beth and I both gave up hope. Neither of us had interest in working hospitality gigs – I could see myself enjoying garbage collecting quite a bit more than working in a restaurant, so we set our sights on other things. Beth had mentioned – a site where you upload your profile and can be hired to be an au pair anywhere in the world. After about two days, we both had many opportunities at our fingertips and things began to turn around. I had arranged to meet with a few families in Brisbane while a family came to interview Beth in Noosa and by the end of that weekend, we had jobs and would start the next week! Although part of me feels defeated that I couldn’t make Noosa work, it’s better than the feeling I would have been left with if I would have had to move back home to Canada.

We have since moved back to the city; sadly leaving the close proximity of the beach behind for the sky scrapers and busy streets. I’ve never lived in a city before – often times I’ve visited Halifax for days on end but even that began to seem small to me. The home I’ve moved into is slightly set outside the downtown core but is still victim to the constant hum of traffic and general noise. At times the sounds can be comforting, but there are times where it unsettles me so much that I wish I was back in Maryvale where the silence often bothered me and set me into a whirlwind of loneliness but would be graciously welcome for a few moments in the day. I love going to the beach and would love to find myself in the middle of no where soon where all I hear around me are the real elements of the world without the destructive noises we’ve grown accustomed to. I’ve taken rural life for granted for 25 years but I can honestly say that I miss the simplicity of my Nova Scotia life but keep in mind, I’ve yet to truly miss home in my time here.

The weather has been a mixture of “too f@&$^*g hot” to “we should probably build an arc soon because it’s never going to stop raining”. Temperatures range from 22-37. It’s an odd climate I find. I guess I expected it to be more like when you go “down south” and it may rain during the night for an hour but for the majority, it is always warm and sunny.

I have moved in with a family of six. They are a lovely bunch and certainly keep my on my toes but also keep me comforted by having the family atmosphere around since I’m so far away from my own loved ones. There are four children, all under the age of 6 so it’s chaotic, hilarious, frustrating, rewarding and loving all at once – which is what all families are when you don’t sugar coat them, or at least mine was. Half the time, I felt like I had the best family, the other half, I thought they were batshit crazy – but I wouldn’t trade them for the world and being away from them has really brought how much I miss those crazies closer to the surface. In the house, I have my own space and get some afternoons and all weekends off. It’s very ideal if I’d like to travel or hit the beach or just veg out. I’m sure I could get a job for the evenings if I felt the need but at this point, I really like the minimal work load. Beth works with three children about 20 minutes away from me with the same type of situation. I didn’t realize how common it was to have an au pair, but it’s huge. I had offers all around the world for employment in places like New Zealand and Germany so that could be on the list for my next adventures.


The view from my bedroom window is quite different from the one I wake up to in Maryvale. I have tall and ominous sky scrapers here where as at home, I have tall and ominous fir and birch trees and 4 wind turbines off in the distance on a good day. I’m close to grocery stores, delicious restaurants, the riverfront, and the train which runs all over. Although I bitch and whine about the train quite often, it is quite accessible – I’m just an idiot. For instance, I have sprinted to catch trains three times in the past week, missing two of them and reluctantly catching the third by some miraculous thread of luck however the other two resulted in an almost wipe out and a stranger catching me as I slid on rainy concrete, while the other train I had missed because I thought it was on platform 1, but it arrived on 3, and then the next one did the same… I’m not good at this public transit thing but if you ever require quick humour, I’m sure I could fill you in on a few stories. I’m so used to delivering myself wherever, whenever I choose in one of my vehicles so this has taken away my independence, but in return, has delivered me some extra patience if nothing else. I feel stupid for purchasing a new car a few months before this trip – paying for vehicles you can’t drive sucks more than I can explain. DSC_1764I always get excited when I have small clients to take photos of because I don’t get snuggles all that often but now I barely know what to do with myself with four extra cute kids in close range. I find myself sneaking all opportunities I can to capture a great shot! I’m hoping the family appreciates the extra touch and will hold the memories dear even after my few short months I will share with them. Today, I’m spending the day kicking around the house until the older kids get home from kindie and school. I can hear the trains going by, the loud construction of the building in the photo, and One Direction performing their soundcheck for their performance at the Suncorp Stadium just down the street from us. It will be a quiet day for the most part with the exception with homework, a possible dip in the pool playing tag and bath time at the end. I’ve got a pretty cruisy gig, I must say!


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