cairns & the great barrier reef.

Visiting the Great Barrier Reef is one place most people say they would like to visit before they pass on! It’s on many bucket lists and for great reason! Minus the shady weather, the area is stunningly beautiful! It takes your breath away at every glance. If you ever get a chance, my best advice is to go!

Beth and I flew out on a Thursday morning to Cairns with the intention of only staying a weekend. I don’t think that was enough time looking back but we made the best of it! Weather wasn’t on our side. Weather in the “far North” is as unpredictable as Nova Scotia weather – you can have all seasons in a day type of deal (although not as extreme.) The weather is very tropical – it can be a torrential downpour one minute and a scorcher the next. Unfortunately, for the most part, we ended up with the more torrential rain side of things.

Although most of our trip was spent in our hotel room eating pizza and watching crappy movies because it rained, we did manage to get out for some scenic adventures.

The best thing we did was pick up a rental car for a day. This gave us all the freedom in the world to explore the area easily. We ventured up to Port Douglas for the day and wandered through Kuranda as well. Cairns itself is a smaller city on the water. Since Cairns is closer to the equator than Brisbane, the climate is good for the world’s most deadly jelly fish. Wonderful! Unfortunately, you can’t swim in many places due to this – if you can swim, it’s in a small netted area of crowded beach. That part is a big downside of Cairns. We took about three hours to venture up to Port Douglas, stopping at nearly every look-off spot to take in the views. We started with a sunny day and ended with rain – go figure! Kuranda blew my mind more than the Reef to be honest – the drive was spectacular! A great trip!

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We met Capitan Cook who discovered Australia… Not actually – this guys was making a children’s movie for kids to understand the discovery. We saw it as a photo op. He was filming his death scene when we met him.DSC_4530 DSC_4540 DSC_4545 DSC_4559 DSC_4563 DSC_4566 DSC_4574 DSC_4635 DSC_4639

We went out to the reef with Ocean Freedom Tours – a great day with them. They had a great staff, decent food and were highly knowledgable!

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