camping: hilarity ensues.

Since taking my new position in Brisbane as a nanny, my weekends are completely free to do what I want (not that they haven’t been for the whole trip, it just means more now I suppose…) This weekend, Beth and I planned on going down to the Gold Coast but Cyclone Marcia has put a stop to that quite quickly. Cyclone Marcia is threatening high winds and up to 500mm of rain in the next two to three days. I know home is getting battered these days with precipitation too, but that’s a lot to handle. Olivia, if you’re reading this, please send me my Hunters. I’ll need them. Grampie Carman, if you’re reading this, please send me your new boat!

When I started planning my trip to Australia, I had a bucket list Pinterest board with all the adventures I wanted to go on. Once I arrived, I was quickly met with how large a country this is as well as how expensive it is to live/travel here. That bucket list has been on the back burner for the past near two months that I’ve been here but I’ve decided I can conquer most of what I want on the weekends! One theme that was quite prominent was camping. I haven’t gone camping in years. Dad used to take us when we were little down by Donahue Lake in front of the house but otherwise, I hadn’t camped much. I’ve always had high hopes that one night, I would be able to sleep under the stars and if I was even luckier, I could make a huge sleeping nest in the back on a truck and lie under the stars, but feel like I was at home in a big, snuggly, king size bed! I decided the only way to start on this was to get on Gumtree and see if I could find some good camping gear. I managed to find a great ad that a few backpackers from France had posted for a great price. It was literally a camping for idiots package. They delivered it right to the door. I got a three man tent, two sleeping bags, two air mattresses, an air pump, two eskys (coolers in Australian), a table, two chairs, and three rubbermaid containers filled to the brim with everything from aluminium foil to toilet paper to every utensil you could think of to flash lights etc, WITH RECEIPTS – everything was purchased only two weeks ago and they were ending their trip. I literally got it all for less than half price. That’s a HUGE win! Even if I only use it three or four times, it will have been worth it. I literally feel like Christmas has just come and Santa dropped off the motherlode to my house! Peak excitement levels have been reached.

With all this new gear, I’ve got my sights set on a few camping excursions. Brisbane is pretty central to a lot of neat areas so we are lucky in that aspect. Although I’d only get to stay one to two nights for the most part, it is still exciting to be able to go somewhere and not have to stay in a hostel. I truly do think I’ll do better at camping than I did in hostel life, as outrageous as that sounds. I’d rather shit in the woods than shit where 500 others have that day. I’d rather wake up at the beach or in the woods than in a rank room with 9 other people breathing in the same air. I’d rather live on hot dogs and marshmallows than toast and vegemite.

Keep posted for some stories as I start my camping excursions on the weekends. Hilarity will ensue. You can bank on that.

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