sarah & tom // antigonish wedding.

Dear Tom & Sarah, 

Thanks for making me cry a thousand times at your wedding. For good reasons. The profound love you share for each other is so heartwarming that your feelings become contagious. The words swapped between you during your vows were so genuine and beautiful that I know there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Your sense of humour as the day progressed made every ounce of your wedding day one of the most fun days I’m sure not many will forget. Thank you for allowing my to be a part of your day! May the love that you share for each other never ever fade and I hope you keep the jokes flowing! 


Your sappy little wedding photographer.

Tom & Sarah’s wedding date got changed around a few times. When we finally settled on a date, the day started out beautiful and quickly progressed into downpours that you couldn’t see through. In case you didn’t know, a downpour isn’t optimal for an outdoor wedding. About 10 minutes after the ceremony was scheduled to go forward, the sky cleared up and it was go time for this beautiful couple. I meant it above when I said there wasn’t a dry eye in that yard (and maybe not a dry bum either as the chairs had been left out in the rain). Tom and Sarah’s words they exchanged were so captivatingly beautiful that everyone was deeply touched. It was absolutely beautiful!

We didn’t have much time after the ceremony to catch sunset BUT what we did catch was spectacular! The sunset that poured through the dark clouds at the top of Beech Hill was one of the most stunning I’ve ever seen. I was in my little happy place playing with the gorgeous light that glowed through the dark clouds!

Thank you so much, Tom & Sarah for including me in your day! It was truly a pleasure! 20160903-hbh_206720160903-hbh_208220160903-hbh_209120160903-hbh_217520160903-hbh_226820160903-hbh_2304hbh_2609-copy20160903-hbh_269020160903-hbh_297820160903-hbh_330920160903-hbh_320920160903-hbh_312720160903-hbh_307720160903-hbh_309820160903-hbh_304620160903-hbh_3949

trevor & sarah // antigonish wedding.

Sarah emailed me what seems like so long ago and explained she was getting married in Georgeville with a reception in Cloverville, both in Antigonish County! Trevor & Sarah had a traditional Catholic ceremony with friends and family filling the pews at the church in Georgeville. Once the ceremony was over, we headed out on a “tour of the Cape” which if you’re from Antigonish, you know what it means. If you’re not, it means you do a drive all around the 337 until it meets the 245 and you head back to town after you’ve gone all the way around! We took the wedding party all along the coast, stopping at perfect spots to grab a few pictures and enjoy the day! Thanks so much for letting me tag along on your incredibly fun East Coast wedding day!! hbh_6343-copyhbh_6349-copyhbh_6385-copyhbh_6406-copyhbh_6440-copyhbh_6836-copyhbh_6903-copyhbh_6952-copyhbh_6968-copyhbh_6995-copyhbh_7010-copyhbh_7026-copyhbh_7030-copyhbh_7037-copyhbh_7045-copyhbh_7156-copyhbh_7207-copy

brianna & mike // antigonish wedding.

I met Mike & Brianna last year when they visited Antigonish in the fall. I photographed a sunset engagement session for them at Arisaig and created some of my favourite images (check them out here). This gorgeous couple exchanged vows at one of the most picturesque venues  in Antigonish at The Locharber Centre right on the lake! You can tell from their smiling faces that these two had the best day! hbh_3494-copyhbh_3837-copyhbh_3216-copyhbh_4085-copyhbh_3772-copyhbh_3853-copyhbh_4174-copyhbh_4197-copyhbh_4218-copyhbh_4236-copy

ashley & chris.

What started out as a beautiful morning quickly turned to a windy & rainy scene. For a couple who planned on having their dream wedding on the l’Aboiteau Beach, it wasn’t looking great but no one was scrambling or panicking. The positive thinking worked! The sky cleared up, the sun came out and the wedding went off without a hitch! Ashley & Chris said “I do” surrounded by friends, family and a few beachgoers on their fifth anniversary!

The friends and family that Ashley & Chris chose were far from boring. The day was full of laughs and good vibes – a great way to start a lifetime of happiness together! Félicitations! 20160827-hbh_868320160827-hbh_878820160827-hbh_887620160827-hbh_902820160827-hbh_897920160827-hbh_917520160827-hbh_937820160827-hbh_939620160827-hbh_920420160827-hbh_921620160827-hbh_929120160827-hbh_956320160827-hbh_943320160827-hbh_960120160827-hbh_004920160827-hbh_992920160827-hbh_020920160827-hbh_991720160827-hbh_0125hbh_0321-copyhbh_0300-copy


amy & jeff get hitched!

Amy & Jeff’s cheeks probably still hurt a few days after their wedding from smiling and giggling – I know mine did that night! Although their wedding day gave us sunny skies, it also gave us hurricane force winds and a thunderstorm at the end of the evening. I truly and honestly thought I was going to blow over at their ceremony at Chez DeLauriers in Pomquet but I have to admit, it was perfect for keeping the typical mosquito cloud away! My ankles thanked me for the breeze and I’m sure everyone was thankful as the direct sun was killer!

I first shot Amy & Jeff a few weeks ago when we did their engagement session (click here to see those photos!) and knew I was in for a day full of laughs as soon as I met them! They are two of the kindest people and their love for each other is so so so strong! I was unbelievably honoured to shoot their big day but it was one of those weddings that didn’t feel like work at all – it just felt like I knew them forever! As a photographer, these are the best kinds of weddings to be a part of!

Here’s a few sneak peeks to enjoy from their big day! 🙂

HBH_9506 copyHBH_9513 copyWhen I say we laughed all day, I mean ALL DAY! HBH_9745 copyHBH_9750 copyHBH_9589 copyHBH_9698 copyHBH_9578 copyAmy got Jeff the COOLEST wedding gift ever! HIP TICKETS for The Tragically Hip’s farewell tour on their drive back out west! Amazing! HBH_9636 copyHBH_9982 copyA quiet moment with one of the ring bearers before walking down the aisle.HBH_0835 copyHBH_0812 copyHBH_0803 copyHBH_0729 copyThey clean up pretty well (see above) but give them a few to let the real “them” come out! Amy & Jeff had the best wedding party around! HBH_0749 copyHBH_0755 copyHBH_0827 copyHBH_0846 copyHBH_0881 copyHBH_1193 copyHBH_1182 copyHBH_1294 copy

Even at the end of the night, these two were still a barrel of laughs! So so cute!

alister & kate.

Thunder showers & showers of love were in the forecast for Alister & Kate’s wedding day at Crystal Cliffs. The skies broke about an hour before their ceremony and about ten minute before they were to say “I do” the clouds broke, the sun came out and everything happened according to plan!

Surrounded by family & friends, their big day went off without a hitch despite the weather bumps. As a photographer, this couple was my dream! I didn’t have to pose them or tell them how to be – they are so in love after 12 years of companionship that they had it all down pact! Their love for each other warmed my heart. Alister and Kate were beaming all day as were their families & guests! It truly was a beautiful thing to be a part of! HBH_2932 copyHBH_2789 copyHBH_2793 copy.jpg_DSC0892 copyImpending doom before the skies opened.HBH_3268 copyHBH_3256 copyHBH_3231 copyHBH_4039 copyHBH_3794 copyHBH_3296 copyHBH_3969 copyHBH_4176 copyHBH_4192 copyHBH_4205 copyHBH_4168 copyHBH_4129 copy_DSC0898 copyTo table 12, I was a hero. We won’t go into details but I was “Jamie Myra” for the evening (hope your cracked rib gets better… I’m terrified to sneeze after that story!) HBH_4593 copyThis shot gets me right in the feels. So. Much. Love!

bryce & paula // just married.

I’d never met Bryce and Paula before July 16th. I’d never laid eyes on them in the few years our time overlapped at StFX but by the end of the day, I knew every single thing about them; the most prominent thing is that they are head over heels for each other! I felt like one of the family by the end of the day and there’s something to be said for that! I’m so so so humbled that I got to capture the love these two share for each other. I spent a lot of the day smiling behind the lens looking at all the smiles in front of me and crying with the speeches also! It was an absolute beautiful day for an absolutely beautiful couple! Here’s some sneak peeks of Paula & Bryce’s big day at St Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia! HBH_8994 copyHBH_8793 copyHBH_8969 copyHBH_9186 copyHBH_0115 copyHBH_9247 copyHBH_9242 copyHBH_0061 copyHBH_0045 copySeriously two of the happiest people I’ve ever seen get hitched! HBH_0065 copy

amy & jeff // antigonish e-session.

Amy & Jeff have been together FOREVER and it’s not hard to tell! These two share a bond like no other and it’s a beautiful thing! The couple has been together for over ten years and has NEVER had professional photos taken. I was so so so elated to have popped their professional photo cherry and I speak for all three when I say we had a blast. I don’t think we stopped laughing the entire time and that’s never a bad thing!

We started where Jeff popped the question; Chez DeLauriers in Pomquet. As we showered ourselves in bug spray, I noticed that the sky was MINDBLOWING. The craziest of clouds swept across the sky and naturally, my excitement levels skyrocketed. They will say “I do” up here on August 6th and I couldn’t feel luckier to be the one who gets to capture it! HBH_7398 copyHBH_7377 copyHBH_7417 copyHBH_7424 copyHBH_7387 copyHBH_7384 copyHBH_7467 copyHBH_7489 copyHBH_7540 copyHBH_7585 copyHBH_7511 copyDuring the image above, Jeff got a good splash that painted his pants in a way that couldn’t really be mistaken for anything other than that he pissed his pants. Since he didn’t bring a change of clothes, he decided the best way to fix it would be to get the pants completely soaked so in he goes for a full duck under the waves. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed harder in my life. If you look closely in the image underneath, you can see water dripping from his pants. HBH_7616 copyHBH_7625 copyHBH_7644 copyAs we were leaving, the sky was incredible so I wanted to get a shot of them with the sky in behind. As I mentioned it, Amy pipes up telling me Jeff took his pants off already so the shot at the bottom is a romantic pantless Jeff & his bride to be. So many laughs! I can’t wait for this August wedding with these hooligans! Absolutely incredible couple! 🙂 HBH_7450 copy

soul searching in cape breton.

Summer. A time for vacation. A time for fun. A time for relaxation. Relaxation? Who are you kidding? Summer is probably the most stressful time of the year. Seriously. Between having family and friends home, constant activities and outings, cold beers with your name on it, etc. you’re run off your feet by the time Canada Day comes and it’s exactly how I feel as a result.

If you can’t tell by the tone, I’m a little overwhelmed with summer and it’s only just begun. These feelings stem from endless possibilities and activities daily mixed in with a wild seasonal workload – where is the balance? Unfortunately, it’s hard to find a balance when you have a day job, an actual job and a wandering soul.

I am lucky to reliably get two days off during the week as my weekends don’t exist until wedding season is over near October. I had Wednesday and Thursday off this week; days I needed more than I knew. On Tuesday, I put a feeler ad out on my Facebook to see if anyone wanted to accompany me on a road trip on my days off. I enjoy having someone with me so I don’t eat all the road trip chips on my own, talk to myself the entire day and mainly so I don’t have to set up my tripod on time lapse to capture my activities. As it would turn out, no one committed to joining me on my road trip day. Obviously, it hurts a bit. Maybe I need to use a new deodorant, get new jokes or get a new taste in music OR maybe I’m the only one lucky enough to get days off during the week – I’m not so sure but it was almost a blessing in disguise. I needed the day by myself to clear my head and just be with myself. A date day with me if you will. It’s healthy and by no means did I feel like a loser bombing around in my Tiguan eating my chips and jamming out to tunes that others might not like.

Thankfully, I feel refreshed after two days and 700kms on the Tiguan (who is 6 weeks old now and has 8300kms on her. Oops!) I hiked 8km along some trails in Cape Breton. I went paddle boarding for the first time. I ate some amazing food (also good for the soul.) Overall, I had a few killer days off where I made sure I addressed my stresses head on and made sure my heart was happy! I highly recommend taking a day or two when you can and just do what you love and do it just for you.HBH_6877 copyHBH_6882 copyPort Hood Beach is directly next to Route 19 and is the perfect spot for a dip while you’re cruising along to the Cabot Trail. It boasts a gorgeous sandy beach where you can wade out for ages and a beautiful boardwalk!HBH_6891 copyHBH_6898 copyHBH_6887 copyHBH_6998 copyMy happy place: adventuring with my new Tiguan. Have I mentioned I’m obsessed with it yet? Love my Vdub! _DSC0533 copyTook a stop at West Mabou Beach. The view takes my breath away with every visit. It’s out of this world and just in our backyard! HBH_6902 copy.jpgI’m not usually one to post about food but sweet baby Jesus my lunch at The Red Shoe Pub was out of this world. I enjoyed their daily special which to my humble surprise was a tarragon, lime and lobster salad sandwich paired with a carrot, curry, orange and ginger soup. It was to die for! I washed it down with some Jost l’Acadie – also a favourite for me! If you’re driving along Route 19 in Mabou, The Shoe is a MUST!HBH_6937 copyFrig, I love my Tigasaurus Rex.HBH_6932 copyHBH_7032-Edit copyInverness. AMAZING.HBH_6973-Edit copyChanneling a little Jon Brown with this one – big scene, little person.HBH_7067-Edit copySometimes bae & I just sit and take in the views. _DSC0544-Edit copyUisge Ban Falls Provincial Park is seriously like Nova Scotia’s Narnia. I experienced such a sense of peace while winding through the rocky trail. I enjoyed the waterfall but I enjoyed the hike a lot more. It blew my mind. Seriously. I walked out with a smile on my face that couldn’t be wiped off._DSC0567 copy_DSC0573-Edit copy_DSC0568-Edit copyDay two of my days off involved taking my favourite fellow photog, Jon out for an early birthday adventure. We headed off to D’Escousse to The Groundswell on recommendation from a friend and enjoyed it immensely. For $50, we got to rent equipment for 2 hours and float around on paddle boards or kayaks. We did an hour of each and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun adventure! All in all, an incredible & much needed few days off. I’m left feeling recharged, relieved and relaxed! HBH_7098 copyHBH_7091-Edit copyHBH_7103 copy.jpg

i was maine-ly exploring.

When Dave Matthews announced his 2016 tour, I knew I had to get to the nearest concert. Tickets were purchased and I set my sights on Bangor early Tuesday morning. With my new Tiguan packed up with food, friends and all other essentials, we started what would turn out to be an 1864 kilometre road trip.

I did a quick bit of research on places to visit within reach of our Bangor destination and stumbled upon some incredible stops. While two of our three days were travel days, we made the best to incorporate stops along the way. I’m not one to plan road trips – I’m more of a person who just gets in the car and ends up wherever. I love it this way.HBH_8114 copyWe quickly realized that New Brunswick is the most boring place to drive through. Every time I drive in New Brunswick, I think of David Myles’ song “Don’t Drive Through.” The highway through Moncton was easily the worst section of road we had been on – It’s hard to believe that such a main piece of infrastructure is in such poor condition. To top it off, it rained our entire time through New Brunswick._DSC0042 copyHBH_8145 copyBangor is a seemingly quiet little city. Nestled in next to the Penobscot River, the downtown core streets are lined with quaint little shops and bumping restaurants. We didn’t spend any amount of time downtown as the coast is where we wanted to invest our time. I wanted to get touristy and see what the Atlantic is like further south. HBH_8411 copyI’ve seen Dave Matthews before and the performance they put on is arguably better live than their albums can allow. The chemistry between the band members is contagious. Their smiles radiate, telling you they enjoy sharing their music with you and that speaks for itself. There are few people in this world that get to make a living doing what they love but it’s evident that these guys love it! Katie, Katie & I spent the evening belting out familiar songs and dancing in the Amphitheatre as the clouds parted, letting the stars shine above us. The highlight of my evening was when the lower clouds parted as “Satellite” began to play, letting the “sliver moon” shine through. For the readers who don’t know me, the “sliver moon” is where I believe I’ll go when I pass on to another life. I’ll perch up on the edge of the moon like the little fishing fella on the Dreamworks movie openings and look down on those I love. This moment was where the smile on my face couldn’t get any larger! It’s moments like these that truly make life worth living!IMG_0198IMG_0277.jpgIMG_0140_DSC0106 copyHBH_8209 copyHBH_8247 copyHBH_8229 copyHBH_8239 copyAlong the way, we spotted a building that had a very “Lemony Snicket” vibe to it. The driveway outside was littered with antique cars, trucks and memorabilia – all things that typically catch my eye. It was a neat stop for sure. We even had the owner tell us a little bit about the property.HBH_8184 copyHBH_8168 copy_DSC0119 copyHBH_8155 copyHBH_8187 copyHBH_8181 copyAs we continued, we hit Bar Harbor. This little town was so picturesque it was almost too much. It’s the kind of spot that if I was the kind of girl to ever want to get married, I’d picture a cute honeymoon here. The streets are lined with adorable shops, restaurants and touristy stops. I only wish we had more time to explore here. Three days certainly isn’t enough time to enjoy the “Downeast” segment of Maine.HBH_8255 copyHBH_8308 copyHBH_8386 copyHBH_8393 copyWe made our first pass through part of Acadia National Park. It’s similar to Nova Scotia’s flagship The Cabot Trail in the Cape Breton Highlands. I use the term similar loosely. Acadia National Park coasts along mountain sides, the Atlantic coastline and weaves itself through the forest. It takes you off the main road and onto a tourist route where I’m sure the scenery is at it’s most optimal. With that said, we managed to do a pass on the main road as well where the views are debatably just as pretty. Signage isn’t as helpful as I find it is in Canada. It was the only thing I found frustrating as we were trying not to use technology to find things – we faired out really well with this by the way! You should try it sometime. It’s kind of fun to see where you can end up! _DSC0130 copyHBH_8368 copyHard to hide my love for anything coastal._DSC0191 copyHBH_8437 copyHBH_8418 copySo. We found Hot Dog Heaven. Happy doesn’t begin to describe it.IMG_0381HBH_8456 copyBass Harbor Head Lighthouse was worth the extra few mile drive! It’s a must see! _DSC0197 copyHBH_8558 copyThe hiking trails at Jordan Pond in the Acadia National Park were pretty incredible. These planks are set in place to reduce damage to their forest floor. This not only preserves nature but it also helps guide people just a little bit better! HBH_8521 copyThe Bubble’s – I still think they should be called The Boobs but that’s just me and my gutter mind.HBH_8529 copyHow cute are these two? Katie and Katie made this road trip pretty fun for me & I’m thankful for their company! HBH_8625 copyWhen I had initially looked up Bar Harbor, I had found out about a neat restaurant called “Route 66” and knew I had to find it. After a long morning of adventuring through Acadia National Park, we decided we’d eat in town. We had tried to find it the day before but I’d secretly took it upon myself to find it for the next day. The look on the girls faces was worth it all! The outside is so unique but the inside is where the fun is at. I can’t begin to describe everything but the collecting for the interior began over 30 years ago and continues today. There are features from an old church inside which makes the building itself stand out. Put all this together with delicious food and I’d say you’ve got a win! I got a lobster quesadilla and a blueberry sangria and was certainly not disapointed! HBH_8622 copyHBH_8653 copy_DSC0229 copy_DSC0233 copyHBH_8633 copyIMG_0394Leave it to me to find another ‘Nisher in Bar Harbor! Hope you had a great trip, Ian Tate!! HBH_8621 copyHBH_8662 copyI snapped this when I pulled in my driveway last night. I bought my Tiguan brand new a week ago and it’s nearly rolling 4000kms already. In total, we drove 1864kms in three days and had countless amazing experiences within those days. I’m so so happy, so so tired and so so excited to see where my next adventure takes me! Over the next few weeks, I’ll be exploring the east side of Cape Breton – if anyone is interested in tagging along, let me know! IMG_0401