I’ve been in a funk lately. A bad mood that’s lasted more than a few days. The downside to being self employed is there can be downtime once the work is done. That’s all fine and good if you have things to do and people around but it seems everyone I know has jobs, school or other priorities. Too much downtime can be poison. You can get lazy with lack of routine. You eat more than you should out of sheer boredom. You shower out of sheer boredom. You talk to your cats and get aggravated when a reply isn’t reciprocated. I’d be lying if the ratio of sweatpants/real pants wasn’t an utterly embarrassing fraction (I’d guess I’m about a 7/1 at this point – 7 being days I change from pyjamas to sweat pants and 1 being days I wear “real pants” or jeans.) I end up spending a lot of time on the road these days since my car is about the only thing that seems to bring me much release from boredom. It’s also seemingly acceptable to go for drives on your own where going to the movies on your own isn’t as much. This is merely an observation, but I’m unlike most females – I enjoy cars more than most. I like to think I know a bit more about cars that most females. Although my current car isn’t my favourite car I’ve owned, it still feeds me freedom and does it in a pretty fast and fashionable way that I can’t deny. After not having a car at my fingertips while away, I’m milking the fact that I can hop in anytime now that I’m home temporarily.

To get out of the house and keep my mind busy, I’ve been exploring new roads. Since I’ve taken my car out of storage a month ago, I’ve put 6000kms on it. It’s insane really seeing as I still feel like I haven’t gone anywhere significant.

Over the last few days, I tried a few new things out with my camera. I pulled out old gear, used different styles of post-processing, new spots, new roads, new everything. I bought a Lensbaby this time last year and hadn’t really utilized it but it happened to be with my gear today so I pulled it out and gave it a whirl. I still have no use for the lens but the photos were kind of cool.

My GLI will be a year old next week! Hard to believe – seems like a week ago I drove her home on a rainy day. It was my first “brand new car” that I drove out of the showroom proud as hell. Sure, I could have opted for a car that was cheaper and better on gas. I could have got one without leather, a moon roof and a 2.0 turbo that makes my smile but I spend enough time in it to justify spending little more to get what I want. Life is short. Do the shit that makes you happy. I’m no philosopher but I’d say that’s some pretty good advice right there!

I took a drive to Big Island on my way home from Halifax today. It’s a road I had been begging to go for years but we just never ended up going. The house in Maryvale was only 25 minutes away and somehow in the two years I’d been out there, I’d never ventured to this little paradise. DSC_9292 Last evening was a good night for some long exposures of Halifax Harbour. I’ve always seen night photos of the city but I’ve never taken any myself. I discovered it was “National Best Friend’s Day” yesterday and it only seemed fitting that it had been my best friend, Britt, who informed me of it as she was handing me the dinner she made for me! We celebrated over Cinnabon’s! I could go on for days about this girl, but I’ll keep it short and sweet – there’s a thousand reasons why she’s my best friend – twenty five years and still going strong!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

DSC_9272 DSC_9267 DSC_9257

Sunsets with Britt on the “Dark Side”

DSC_6854Sunset in Guysborough Intervale captured on my way home the other evening.


  1. Hilary you’ll get it all figured out some day. That’s the journey called life. Love the pictures. I have a Lensbaby too that I don’t use often but I am inspired by your pic of Big Island.

  2. Wayne, it’s certainly a welcomed journey! Without challenges & change, it wouldn’t be nearly as interesting. I intend on getting the Lensbaby out a little bit more just to play with – It definitely adds a different perspective to images.

  3. Hey Hilary
    I’m off on vacation all next week
    If you think of an adventure and are looking for a sidekick for a day
    Count me in
    I’ve really enjoyed all your pics since we spoke last
    And Don t go to the bank hardly at all since you left
    Hope your having a blast since you got home.
    Take Care. Paul. 😎😎

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