chisholm’s at the park.

When Christine contacted me about updating her families photos, we brainstormed a bit on where they’d hoped to have photos taken. A lightbulb went off. Why not get the big ones out of the way and then let the kiddos play at the splash pad?


When I’d taken their last collection a year ago, the twins had just turned two and it was tricky to get three kiddos to smile at once let alone sit in the same spot for more than .02 of a second but we made it work! Now that Hayden & Maddie are a little older, we had an easy breezy time capturing their love for their big sister, Julianne!

After our photos were done and we were done throwing rocks in the river behind the park, Tyler and Christine surprised the kids by pulling their bathing suits out of their backpacks and told them they were going to the splash pad! I love capturing moments that sometimes an iPhone can’t quite grab and this was the perfect time. I snapped for a while before the kids insisted I come and play too. Without hesitation, I forgot for a second I’m a 27 year old and started running through the hoses with them! I truly don’t know who had more fun!

Chisholm'satthePark-6038Chisholm'satthePark-6211Chisholm'satthePark-6112Chisholm'satthePark-6093Chisholm'satthePark-6123Chisholm'satthePark-6234Chisholm'satthePark-6258Chisholm'satthePark-6358Chisholm'satthePark-6405Chisholm's at the Park-6371


Thanks Jules, Maddie & Hayden (and your mum and dad, too) for another SUPER FUN session! 🙂

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