christmas with the pinkohs’ kids.

If you have kids, have been around kids or know a kid, you know all too well that they are incredibly unpredictable. There truly is never a dull moment and this session proved that! I’m still giggling from my morning spent with the Pinkohs’ kids!

To commemorate the first Christmas spent in their brand new house, we did a Christmas themed session and boy, did we have fun!  The kids showed me around their new property while telling me some of the best stories I’ve heard in a long time including “remember the time I ran over a kid when we were on vacation… but he was okay” and “remember the time we went to the beach and I gave that girl the finger?” coming from the youngest!! We had a blast!

Here’s some of my favourite shots from this very laid-back, very entertaining session!

DSC_2312 copyDSC_2345 copyDSC_2371 copyDSC_2413 copyDSC_2414 copyDSC_2427 copyDSC_2439 copyDSC_2460 copyDSC_2452 copy.jpg