We’ve been totally spoiled with perfect summer weather this year. With most days being between 25-30┬áCelsius, everyday is a beach day. Tonight after a quick second supper with the MacDonald’s, I suggested we go out to Cribbon’s Beach for ice cream and a few family photos. Cribbon’s is point A on the map. You can follow a little trail which takes you down to this phenomenal rock scape at the bottom with a great beach for swimming. I can rant and rave about it but if you haven’t gone, you need to experience it for yourself. It’s like talking about the Rocky Mountains; everyone knows they are big and beautiful but it really doesn’t kick in until you’re surrounded by them!

Here’s a few photos from the night. A big thanks to the MacDonald’s for letting me do this little shoot and for the ice cream after, especially Malcolm who was totally hesitant to come at all haha. It’s the least that I can do for this awesome, supportive family as they do so much for Luke & I and put up with us on a daily basis!



  1. Love, love! Can you put a copy of the kids
    and the one of the girls and the one with Luke
    on something so I can print it.

  2. Mike and I are so glad we got the opportunity to do this with the kids! They are growing up so fast, pictures like these seem to slow things down for just a second. Can’t wait to see them framed on the living room wall! Thanks Hill, awesome job!!:)

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