e for effort: revised.

I went back to the barn in Big Marsh this morning. I wanted to capture some stars in the photo but didn’t get out of bed quite early enough. Beyond that, there are stars galore tonight and guess where my tripod is: in my car that I left in town as my incentive not to avoid the gym in the morning – just my luck! Regardless, I shot the first photo on Saturday morning and wasn’t quite happy with it. I’m much happier with the second photo that was taken this morning. The colours were much more vivid and there is more going on in the sky. Which do you like more?


Both photos were taken around 6:30am but produced very different results. Practice, determination and sleep deprivation were the driving forces behind this. Taken with Nikon D7100 paired with a 12-24mm f/4. I’m really not a huge fan of this lens however it does a fine job for settings such as this. I like the wider angle considering I’m used to shooting with a prime 50mm 92% of the time.

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