easter in montville.

This was my first holiday away from home. I’ve never missed a holiday as I have a close knit family, only live 45 minutes from home and I’m too much of a turkey fiend to pass it up. Unfortunately, Australia doesn’t do a whole lot of turkey for holiday’s. This crushes me. No turkey? No stuffing? No cranberries? Besides seeing my family and indulging in a few glasses of wine and resurfacing hilarious stories, the food is my favourite part. It’s a lot of roasts and fish here. I haven’t been much for fish up until I moved here which is odd as Nova Scotia arguably has more seafood than anywhere I’ve been. I still couldn’t wrap my mind around the “no turkey” thing.

My host family was heading to see their own families which sort of left me in a bind. There isn’t always room for the au pair so I stayed behind in a big empty house, wishing I wasn’t so alone. They even took the dog. The house was so silent that every sound made me nervous, even though I’m in an incredibly safe place. I’d hear the baby next door crying and wake up thinking it was the baby I care for here. It’s funny how sometimes you wish for complete silence but when you finally get it, it’s so unsettling you wish you could unwish it. There are times in everyone’s day where you just wish for 5 minutes of peace but sometimes it’s not the quiet, it’s just a calming that you need. I hate silence more than anything. There is nothing more unsettling unless you’re staring face to face with a hungry shark. Luckily, my hose family invited me to drive up to Montville to enjoy dinner with them so I wouldn’t be so alone. The property is set on the mountainside and had a dreamy view that was almost surreal. It had the best of both worlds; an ocean view from the woods on a mountainside. You really can’t go wrong. Dinner was delicious. An amazing roast with all the fixings and although it wasn’t turkey, it was pretty damn good!


From this view, you can see Caloundra, Maroochydore, and Mooloolaba all along the Sunshine Coast. Further North a little bit towards the left side of the photo would be Noosa, where Beth and I lived for a month.





I went to use the bathroom and was in for the shock of my life. This is literally the largest spider I’ve ever seen in my life. This is a Huntsman – they will bite but they are non-venomous. I don’t care if it’s deadly or not, I’m not going to pee in the same room with it.



DSC_2937 DSC_2940

The drives I did over the run of that day were mostly on the Bruce Highway which is much like the Trans Canada at home – two lanes of divided, boring highway overrun with loads of people rushing to get nowhere. I took quite a few detours to get to more scenic routes but I timed it all wrong. I went through the Glass House Mountains at high noon when the sun was at its brightest and photos were pointless. On my way home, I timed it perfectly however. I went to my favourite little beach in Caloundra and got in place for a sunset. I wasn’t disappointed but it’s where I’ve seen one of the best sunsets I think I’ll ever see so there’s always high competition.



My happy place is anywhere that I can enjoy a view like this, no matter the temperature or weather, no matter if I have company or not and no matter if I have to walk 20k or 5ft to get to it! Love this.

DSC_3368I stopped to get some McDonald’s on my way home to Brisbane¬†and caught Mt. Tibrogargan as the sunlight left for the day. I waited a while for the full moon to come up behind me but of course, it showed up as I was in the thickest traffic and there were no safe spots to pull over. Unlike Nova Scotia, Australia’s roads are engineered quite strangely. I suppose setting up shoulders on the side of the road for photographers wasn’t really the idea behind the large shoulders in Nova Scotia that I’m accustomed to but kudos to NS for the design! It’s hard to pull off anywhere here and makes me slightly nervous to think if I ever had a malfunction and had to pull over or if I ever got pulled over by the cops. It’s odd for sure. There are so many beautiful spots to stop and so few spots to pull over safely and enjoy them. I’m sure there’s reasoning.

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  1. All I can say is WOW! Beautiful pictures, endless adventures ! Why the hell would you want to come home? Well I guess a family/Nova Scotia fix will be good for the sole ! I so enjoy your posts and the adventures you are having. I’m also loving all the pictures ! They are so beautiful !

    Doug’s nephew and he is fianc√© have actually just returned to aussi land for Lia’s brothers wedding. They are in Melbourne .

    Well I’m glad to see you are making the most of your time there. Keep,the posts and pictures coming….


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