farewell 2015.

_DSC2141I turned 25 this year. An entire quarter century under my belt and my most pivotal year yet. I adopted the YOLO mentality. I moved and explored Queensland, Australia. I quit my 9-5 job. I began doing photography full time. I watched more sunrises. I chased more sunsets. I gazed at the stars more. I experienced devastating heartbreak. I learned to surf. I ate kangaroo & sushi for the first time. I held a koala & I got a selfie with a kangaroo (not the same one I ate.) I felt incredible joy. I made new friends from all over. I put 30,000kms on my car – meaning my 2014 VW GLI now has 54,000kms on it (and it was stored from Oct-May!) I felt comfortable in my own skin. I lost 25lbs and probably gained back 10 of it (and that’s totally cool.) I felt unconditional love and embraced it fully and wholeheartedly. I hugged more. I made sure those I love know how I feel. I said yes to adventure and no to the negative things in my life. I was in a rut and I made the necessary changes to find happiness. Am I happy? Not every moment of every day and sure, I live with regrets but I’m proud to say that I am content for the most part. It’s a work in progress.

I reflected on my New Years post from last year and I feel pretty great about it. Like every year, I try to write some sort of resolution post. I did accomplish most of the things I set out to do in 2015. I did travel more. I saw loads of new places in Australia, Nova Scotia, PEI, New Brunswick & Alberta. Dad & I didn’t make it to NFLD yet but it’s in the works for this year. Luke & I never did take the “new truck” for a camping trip but hopefully it’ll get used for that someday! I became much braver. I eat completely different foods now and rarely say no to anything unless it has eyes that are looking at me while I put it in my mouth. I didn’t get sky diving but I’ll try it this year for sure. I’ve slowed my life down so much that I get bored sometimes but my health has improved so much – mentally and physically. Yes, I do still get stressed but much, much less!

Seeing my year in review, I realized how much I accomplished over 2015. To say it was a roller coaster is a massive understatement. I experienced the highest of highs to my lowest lows. I embraced my life in a different way and I have full intentions to keep going into 2016 just as strong. I feel like my life is like a fine wine; I just get better with age. I learn from my mistakes, savour every moment, I know my boundaries and know how to break them & I allow myself to love unconditionally.

In 2016, I want to keep up my adventurous momentum and keep exploring. I want to sky dive. I want to go white water rafting. I want to master night photography. I want another tattoo. I want to feel less guilty about making selfish decisions. Conversely, I want to partake in more selfless deeds. I must camp more, laugh more, eat more, and embrace more. I will travel more, sleep more, do more yoga but only because I enjoy all those things – not because this is some “new year, new me” bullshit scheme.

Here’s to hoping 2016 helps push me to the limits of happiness & success and that 26 doesn’t unveil too many grey hairs but continues to grant me with those laugh lines that I cherish so much! All the best to you and yours in the New Year.

Here’s a few of my favourite moments from 2015. Thanks to all those who contributed to my amazing year!

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  1. Hi hil
    Great year end post
    At my age , I envy you and your age . Sometimes I wish I had tried to do something else 30 yrs ago but my life is pretty good too .
    I wish that 2016 brings you many many more adventures and new and exciting ideas.
    I enjoy immensely your pics and stories and hope they will always continue.
    As for life throwing you a curve every once in awhile.
    Just lean on old ” Paul ”
    There’s a ton of knowledge and wise old experience in that head .
    Enjoy the next 12 months , stay safe and have fun .
    Huge hug PAUL ❤️😎

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