frenchmans barn // arisaig, nova scotia.

I’ve spent many hours at the Arisaig Lighthouse. I have fond memories of rushing there to catch summer sunsets on the bike when we lived in Maryvale. It’s been a go-to place to watch lightning storms or good hurricanes crash in against the breakwater. It was a relaxing Sunday drive destination or a “rant about life over a Tim Horton’s apple cider with the girls” kind of spot. All in all, I’ve spent a good portion of my time out there. I’ve lived in Antigonish since 2008 which means I’ve been coming here for just a bit longer than that. If you’ve ever been, you’ve likely been curious about the big rock down the shore, much like I always was. I decided to go find it for myself today so I took my coffee and camera for a solo hike. Since it’s now November, the temperatures are seasonal. It was around 8 degrees today, but there wasn’t a whole lot of wind so it felt warmer. I actually took my coat off on the walk back to the truck! I’m sure we can expect snow in these parts sooner than we would like, though.

The large rock mass is known as Frenchman’s Barn – named after a French ship that had been wrecked there many years ago and because the natural formation of the rock looks sort of like a building. The shoreline around the large mass is home to many variations of rock types and the view from the top is absolutely mindblowing. It’s only a hop, skip and jump off HWY 245 and the views are so worth it! I was shocked at how easy it was to get to.

My Sony A6000 proved to be perfect for this little hike, yet again. All images were taken with my little mirrorless machine paired with a Carl Zeiss 12mm f/2.8 lens. My favourite combination!







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Hunting season is currently opened. I’m on the hunt for the perfect shot but it has nothing to do with deer! Sporting my hunter’s orange so I don’t look like a Bambi!
_DSC6353 _DSC6355 _DSC6356 _DSC6358 _DSC6359


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