fun with lights.

My challenge has begun as of today. Of course, today would be the day that I felt under the weather and mother nature was feeling under the weather too! I had intentions on working on portraits of strangers you meet on the street however, I am postponing that until tomorrow. I loved the idea of photographing someone I have never met (which I have done before but not like this.) This not only means that I have to step out of my comfort zone of minding my own business with my camera, but it also means trying to capture the expressions of a stranger who I have never met. It could be a busy mom on the go with her toddler or a senior whose weathered hands are scared from a hard working life. It could be a student or it could be someone just walking to get a coffee. I could make that persons day or I could ruin it by making them late for something or uncomfortable. Who knows! It’s all in the challenge.

I would like to thank everyone who added their ideas and I would love you to keep posted for my work to come over the next few weeks. I love comments and I am welcome to any pointers/tips etc.

Tonight, since I didn’t have the greatest chance to capture strangers, I played with our Christmas lights that we haven’t put on our midget tree yet. I had a hard time positioning the lights the proper way and deciding which lens to use. I settled on the 50mm and managed to get some great shots with it. I used the tripod for a few and the flat floor for a few as well. I found that I couldn’t get my shutter speed just quite right. I could have used some more lighting but I didn’t want to take it away from the effects the mini lights give off on their own. Hard toss up as far as I can see. I really liked how the mini lights looked and with a little more practice I should be able to get a good grasp on how to set up for next time. In other news, I have a baby shoot on Sunday so I am hoping to try and incorporate the mini lights in there as well. If anyone has any good ideas on photos of Christmas and newborns, I would love to see them!

had to add a selfie for good measure. i couldn’t resist.


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