get out, stay warm.

A white winter, finally. It’s a wonderful thing! I’m a fan of winter, honestly. I can’t get enough of wool socks, scarves & sweaters. I love how my morning coffee feels that much better going down as it warms me up. I could do without clearing off my car after it snows, shovelling my driveway or having to be a little more cautious when I plan on doing a little road trip due to impending weather. I could do without cold feet and having to move my runs to the treadmill at the gym but all in all, winter is something I welcome. I’ve been trying to make the most of it by getting out as often as I can. It can be a daunting thing to do, especially when the temperature dips & the windchill increases. Winter tends to make us feel somewhat sad and trapped in a way as there are so many thing hindering us from getting out. We bundle up until we feel like the Michelin Man. We wait until our cars are cleaned off and warm. We eat more “comfort foods” and in turn, gain a couple more pounds to keep us a little warmer in the cooler months. Although these things are inevitable, it’s easier just to make the best of it! If you don’t like a Nova Scotia winter, then perhaps you should consider relocating somewhere warm to avoid it.

I saw a few flakes of snow before I skipped out last year. I cleaned snow off my Jetta once before storing it and used the remote starter on the Sierra maybe a dozen times (but mostly because I liked having my butt toasty warm when I slid onto the leather seats to head to work.) I can honestly say that even though I got to experience crazy warm days in Australia while Nova Scotia was experiencing the worst winter they’d had in years, I did miss the snowy days and I’m so happy to enjoy them now!

I’ve been incredibly busy over the last few weeks and it’s been nice to go find some “peace and quiet” here and there. I tend to flock to Cameron’s Lake just outside the busy “downtown metropolis” of Antigonish. There is a quiet there that’s nearly unsettling and eerie by times but the majority of the time, a few minutes by the lake gives me enough quiet to clear my mind and refresh. I leave my phone in the car most of the time when I come here and conversely leave my thoughts here when I go back to my car. It’s liberating to drive the ten minutes back to town with the feeling like you’ve just lost weight since you cleared out the heavy things on your mind.

If you’re feeling shitty, overwhelmed, stressed, or just need a breather, find a spot within a 15 minute drive and just go sit. Take a blanket, a fold up chair, a book or just a warm drink and unload your thoughts. It helps more than you think. It could just be the fresh air or it could be that you’ve finally sat down without noise or distractions for the first time that you can recall but it helps. It’s nice to be with your thoughts for a little, maybe even have a good cry but the best advice I can offer for the New Year is take time for you. Treat yo’self to a little you time.

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