goodbye march, hello april.

I am immensely happy to say goodbye to March for another year and hello to April. I am overjoyed at the thought of warmer weather, greener grass and most of all MORE PHOTO SHOOTS outside! Over the past few weeks, I have done quite a bit including setting up a new Facebook “like” page which has been overwhelmingly successful and I have done a few more shoots. I have scoped out a few new spots for photo shoots and so far, I am taking bookings well into May! Quite the accomplishments if you ask me.

I can’t express how excited I am for the warmer weather to come along so I can swim at this beach and do more and more and more photos! I truly hope you continue to enjoy my work, and perhaps indulge in it someday!

looking through the world with rose coloured glasses

Friend Peter Rioux at his favorite “skipping rock” beach in Airsaig, Nova Scotia.

self: pretending i do yoga.



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