hostel life is no life for me.

Beth and I found ourselves mid-meltdown last night – a melodramatic one, but a meltdown nonetheless. I sat on the floor of our hostel trying to repack my North Face bag for the 37th time in 10 days as she sat in her bunk, inspecting bites that we think might be from ants, however Australia is full of things that just want to kill you so it could be anything. I felt like it was a scene from “The Simple Life” starring Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie but on a lower scale of drama. Beth and I both own our own cars, have our own houses/spaces/rooms/beds/bathrooms, etc. and really didn’t think that we would miss them that much. That was a HUGE understatement. Keep in mind, I’m laughing at myself writing this post and at no point do I take it seriously, but I feel it necessary to document nonetheless. I won’t give in to the woes of travelling, however I will never take for granted that I can pee in privacy and sleep without having 7 other bodies in the same room. One other body and a cat or two… or three is my maximum.

I can imagine myself arriving home to Maryvale and kissing every piece of ¬†furniture in my bathroom knowing I’ll feel clean when I shower, there won’t be a lineup outside the door, proper lighting and space to put makeup on and do my hair and most of all, that I don’t have to lug all my shampoo, etc (yes, the obvious solution to that would be not to be such a diva, but alas, I can’t embrace being a hippie, although I deeply envy those who can do without). I will lie in my own queen size bed that only a few bodies have slept on for days on end, letting the fear of catching bed bugs or lice like in the ones at the hostels dissolve in my own clean home. I will drive my car to the end of the driveway and put it back in the yard, and repeat it with the truck just because I can. I’m at the mercy of public transit here. Waiting, waiting and more waiting with the large possibility of missing the bus/train that I wanted to catch because I am so used to having my own vehicles and having the privilege of driving them when I feel like it. My lack of knowledge on public transit is blamed on growing up in small towns like Guysborough/Antigonish where the only public transit I ever took advantage of was a school bus or the odd taxi home from Piper’s Pub.

While you are reading this, I expect that you are either in the comforts of your own home or office, with wifi that doesn’t enrage you because it’s so sparse or that you have to find a place outside to catch one bar. Kiss everything in sight – seriously. Travelling is for strong people, not for me. Hilarity ensues during this trip. It will be biggest reality check in life other than what I envision the shock of raising kids will be like.

All of those things aside, I have been enjoying my adventures thoroughly. We are currently in Noosa, Queensland. It is a beautiful town with the only North Facing beach in Australia. It is a beachy spot with loads of surfing, great eats and pretty close to the city (Brisbane). Everyone is friendly, and the little spot is clean and easy to get around. We have now stayed at five hostels/hotels between two cities. We have met people from all over which is a treat. Meeting people here is easy as we are all in the same boat with the destination of “Quarter Life Adventures”. We have decided that if we can get jobs in Noosa, it will be where we stay for the next few months. We will get jobs and an apartment and make it our little home base, travelling from there when we can but having the luxuries of unpacking our bags, sleeping in the same bed every night and having a bathroom that wouldn’t be shared with many. Oh, the little things I’ve been taking for granted for the past 25 years. Who knew?!

I have no pictures for this post. I’ve been trying desperately to see things through my own eyes for a little bit. It’s been a great experience to not have to drag my gear around everywhere and to be honest, I wish I hadn’t taken it on my trip at all. It has been a heavy burden, both emotionally and physically. Over the past couple years, I have been locked down to my lens in a sense. It didn’t matter where I went, I felt expected to have it whether it be at work at the bank for certain functions, family functions, public functions that I attended, it didn’t matter. I felt like I was always expected to have it and I always felt a sense of guilt when I told people I didn’t have it, as if I might miss something for them. I’ve come to realize now that the only thing I would be missing is experiencing a moment through my own eyes. The mind is a powerful thing and so is the memory. I feel we often get caught up in capturing useless memories through the lens to share on Facebook/Instagram while missing the most important things – the actual moment! Over the course of time, I will get out of my funk and begin to post more and more things but for now I will leave you guys with this. I’m safe, I’m happy and I have yet to see a kangaroo or a koala but when I do, I will buy fireworks and rejoice and maybe take a selfie with them! My current weather sits at a balmy 33 degrees. It tends to rain here every morning for a little, mostly when we try to go to the beach but other than that, it’s perfect. I do miss the snow and my loves back home but all in all, I wouldn’t trade this experience for a million others given the chance. Hope everyone back home isn’t freezing. xo


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  1. Your brave, more brave than me and that is why you are now living my dream! Hugs girl and thanks for the updates! X

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