i was maine-ly exploring.

When Dave Matthews announced his 2016 tour, I knew I had to get to the nearest concert. Tickets were purchased and I set my sights on Bangor early Tuesday morning. With my new Tiguan packed up with food, friends and all other essentials, we started what would turn out to be an 1864 kilometre road trip.

I did a quick bit of research on places to visit within reach of our Bangor destination and stumbled upon some incredible stops. While two of our three days were travel days, we made the best to incorporate stops along the way. I’m not one to plan road trips – I’m more of a person who just gets in the car and ends up wherever. I love it this way.HBH_8114 copyWe quickly realized that New Brunswick is the most boring place to drive through. Every time I drive in New Brunswick, I think of David Myles’ song “Don’t Drive Through.” The highway through Moncton was easily the worst section of road we had been on – It’s hard to believe that such a main piece of infrastructure is in such poor condition. To top it off, it rained our entire time through New Brunswick._DSC0042 copyHBH_8145 copyBangor is a seemingly quiet little city. Nestled in next to the Penobscot River, the downtown core streets are lined with quaint little shops and bumping restaurants. We didn’t spend any amount of time downtown as the coast is where we wanted to invest our time. I wanted to get touristy and see what the Atlantic is like further south. HBH_8411 copyI’ve seen Dave Matthews before and the performance they put on is arguably better live than their albums can allow. The chemistry between the band members is contagious. Their smiles radiate, telling you they enjoy sharing their music with you and that speaks for itself. There are few people in this world that get to make a living doing what they love but it’s evident that these guys love it! Katie, Katie & I spent the evening belting out familiar songs and dancing in the Amphitheatre as the clouds parted, letting the stars shine above us. The highlight of my evening was when the lower clouds parted as “Satellite” began to play, letting the “sliver moon” shine through. For the readers who don’t know me, the “sliver moon” is where I believe I’ll go when I pass on to another life. I’ll perch up on the edge of the moon like the little fishing fella on the Dreamworks movie openings and look down on those I love. This moment was where the smile on my face couldn’t get any larger! It’s moments like these that truly make life worth living!IMG_0198IMG_0277.jpgIMG_0140_DSC0106 copyHBH_8209 copyHBH_8247 copyHBH_8229 copyHBH_8239 copyAlong the way, we spotted a building that had a very “Lemony Snicket” vibe to it. The driveway outside was littered with antique cars, trucks and memorabilia – all things that typically catch my eye. It was a neat stop for sure. We even had the owner tell us a little bit about the property.HBH_8184 copyHBH_8168 copy_DSC0119 copyHBH_8155 copyHBH_8187 copyHBH_8181 copyAs we continued, we hit Bar Harbor. This little town was so picturesque it was almost too much. It’s the kind of spot that if I was the kind of girl to ever want to get married, I’d picture a cute honeymoon here. The streets are lined with adorable shops, restaurants and touristy stops. I only wish we had more time to explore here. Three days certainly isn’t enough time to enjoy the “Downeast” segment of Maine.HBH_8255 copyHBH_8308 copyHBH_8386 copyHBH_8393 copyWe made our first pass through part of Acadia National Park. It’s similar to Nova Scotia’s flagship The Cabot Trail in the Cape Breton Highlands. I use the term similar loosely. Acadia National Park coasts along mountain sides, the Atlantic coastline and weaves itself through the forest. It takes you off the main road and onto a tourist route where I’m sure the scenery is at it’s most optimal. With that said, we managed to do a pass on the main road as well where the views are debatably just as pretty. Signage isn’t as helpful as I find it is in Canada. It was the only thing I found frustrating as we were trying not to use technology to find things – we faired out really well with this by the way! You should try it sometime. It’s kind of fun to see where you can end up! _DSC0130 copyHBH_8368 copyHard to hide my love for anything coastal._DSC0191 copyHBH_8437 copyHBH_8418 copySo. We found Hot Dog Heaven. Happy doesn’t begin to describe it.IMG_0381HBH_8456 copyBass Harbor Head Lighthouse was worth the extra few mile drive! It’s a must see! _DSC0197 copyHBH_8558 copyThe hiking trails at Jordan Pond in the Acadia National Park were pretty incredible. These planks are set in place to reduce damage to their forest floor. This not only preserves nature but it also helps guide people just a little bit better! HBH_8521 copyThe Bubble’s – I still think they should be called The Boobs but that’s just me and my gutter mind.HBH_8529 copyHow cute are these two? Katie and Katie made this road trip pretty fun for me & I’m thankful for their company! HBH_8625 copyWhen I had initially looked up Bar Harbor, I had found out about a neat restaurant called “Route 66” and knew I had to find it. After a long morning of adventuring through Acadia National Park, we decided we’d eat in town. We had tried to find it the day before but I’d secretly took it upon myself to find it for the next day. The look on the girls faces was worth it all! The outside is so unique but the inside is where the fun is at. I can’t begin to describe everything but the collecting for the interior began over 30 years ago and continues today. There are features from an old church inside which makes the building itself stand out. Put all this together with delicious food and I’d say you’ve got a win! I got a lobster quesadilla and a blueberry sangria and was certainly not disapointed! HBH_8622 copyHBH_8653 copy_DSC0229 copy_DSC0233 copyHBH_8633 copyIMG_0394Leave it to me to find another ‘Nisher in Bar Harbor! Hope you had a great trip, Ian Tate!! HBH_8621 copyHBH_8662 copyI snapped this when I pulled in my driveway last night. I bought my Tiguan brand new a week ago and it’s nearly rolling 4000kms already. In total, we drove 1864kms in three days and had countless amazing experiences within those days. I’m so so happy, so so tired and so so excited to see where my next adventure takes me! Over the next few weeks, I’ll be exploring the east side of Cape Breton – if anyone is interested in tagging along, let me know! IMG_0401

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