in-home sessions.

When I go home to my parents homes, I occasionally leaf through the photos from when we were kids. My dad, a photographer himself, was constantly capturing us and we have many photographs of us playing dress-up, exploring around outside, overflowing our Jacuzzi with bubbles, and lazying around the couch on rainy days. Those are the memories I want to remember forever. Those are the photos I want to someday show my own littles. Those were the good days and I hope I can capture the same feelings for my clients in their homes! DSC_0627copy

With the weather getting colder here in Nova Scotia, I find myself doing more and more photo sessions in-home. The photos are a true reflection of your family. They range from baking cookies with the kids, snuggling on the couch, playing dinkies on the living room floor, reading books to each other and sometimes even bath time.

The photographs show messy, well lived-in homes and families with full hearts and beaming smiles. The floors may not have been swept in weeks. You might have dishes piled up and laundry all over the place but guess what? I don’t care! That’s life. It’s chaotic. It’s messy. It’s your chaos and your mess and it’s perfectly perfect in it’s own chaotic, messy way.

Here’s a couple of my favourite “in-home” photos taken over the past few years! There were lots of messes, tickle fights, monkeys on the bed, giggle fits and overall, lots of love!

DSC_7797DSC_7839DSC_4708copyDSC_0681copyDSC_9848copyDSC_9578copyDSC_4447DSC_1766 (1)DSC_6688 copy