It’s no secret I’m an Instagram addict. It’s also no secret that I do it for the likes. I find it much easier to post a little blurb, a quick photo or if nothing else, a trail to follow in case I find myself abducted. Instagram is my favourite form of social media – it’s creative, simple and I don’t receive any game requests or notifications about your new eye lash extensions pyramid scheme business. I only utilized Facebook to creep photos or remember birthdays because to be honest, I don’t want to see the vague rant about your breakup with your boyfriend, I don’t care that a telemarketer called your house and pissed you off and I don’t really need to know that you’ve tagged yourself at the pub for the third time this week. Instagram is just photos and it’s a wonderful interface. I find it difficult at times to sit down and piece together a blog post so if you’re looking to follow my travels/photos in the meantime, give me a follow on Instagram @hilaryhendsbee and keep up. I can’t say it’s always exciting but I can say it’s not always selfies or food photos!

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