lobster fishing on the kadi mae.

I was born & raised in the Canadian Maritimes. Known for salty air, great seafood & beautiful scenery, we have a lot to offer! Every summer beginning right around now, we start to see more and more strange license plates from all over the place. People gawking over things that we simply take for granted as we see them daily. Well, this morning, I took everything in just like a tourist and rekindled my love for Nova Scotia! I woke up at 3:30 this morning, made a quick stop at Tim’s for a green tea to wake me up and headed to South Side Harbour, Antigonish. Dressed in what I thought would be suitable atire, I was quickly handed splash pants and BOGS, a few extra pairs of socks and a couple thermal shirts and THEN I was ready to go.

While heading to the wharf, you can see the sky barely lighting up while whispering to the stars that its their time to sleep. I hopped on the boat and we were off after a little baiting. As we made our way out to the open water in front of Dunn’s Beach, I saw the most majestic sunrise I’ve ever laid eyes on! The blues, yellows, pinks and purples mixed together to make the clouds look like huge pillow top Serta’s in the sky. If there is a heaven, or a place we go when we pass on, I hope its there!

Photographing a lobster boat in the early morning has been on my bucket list for a while now and I’m proud to say I can scratch it off now. With calm weather and a great capitan, It was a perfect experience. Antigonish’s own Darryl Beaton is the capitan/owner/operator of the Kadi Mae. He’s a forth generation lobster fisherman and has been fishing for over 30 years. He filled me in on a lot of things today. I felt like I was on the best field trip I’d ever been on (the ones in elementary school really don’t compare… especially the one to the dump). Darryl told me that when his great grandfather began fishing, lobster was a poor man’s staple for food. Back in the day, poorer families would take lobster sandwiches to school and the richer folk would have peanut butter sandwiches – that’s certainly flipped around! Now it is a delicacy worldwide!

I’m not going to make this sound like it was a hard day for me. I didn’t do any work. I have to give lobster fisherman/women a big pat on the back. I don’t know how they pull the early hours and pull traps like that. By 6am, I was ready for a nap. And nap I did, until 8. It felt like sleeping in the most comfortable hammock. I’m lazy by nature, I won’t lie.

My experience today gave me a whole new appreciation for fisherman. We got off lucky today with calm seas and gorgeous skies (which started raining once we got back to the wharf) but many days are much different. Fisherman still need to check their pots when there are windy, rainy days where the seas are rough.

All in all, a great experience that I believe everyone should try once or twice in their life! A huge thank you to Darryl for taking me out on the Kadi Mae.

5:21am – sunrise over the Northumberland Strait. The calm, serene feeling that overcomes your body while watching this is magical thing.

a lobster pot getting ready to be baited and set to go back.


emma taking in the sunset.

banders to put elastics on so no one gets pinched.

babies first photo – roe or lobster eggs on a big female. these have to be released for obvious reasons.

emma – the cutest deckhand you’d ever find.

the lobster orchestra.

Darryl, doing what he does best with a great smile on his face!

two female lobsters with eggs in the same pot!

this was a panoramic shot I had taken a few days prior to our trip. taken at dusk.

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  1. Once again, awesome shots Hilary! You’ve managed to capture the essence of lobster fishing in Nova Scotia! Proud of you!

  2. Those are some really great pics Hilary, days like that make me wish I was able to do that every day.

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