maclennan’s glen.

MacLennan’s Glen is located in Fraser’s Mills in Antigonish County, Nova Scotia. Together, Elda, Carin, Scott and Mani have sustained a beautiful organic farm in the countryside. This picturesque property has loads of purpose, whether it is to grow their massive gardens with organic goods or raise their many animals or just to grow as a family, it is perfection. I joined my boyfriend tonight to head out to the property as he had promised to help build a cottage on the property. The first of many, as I am told! Not only was I fed a delicious, organic supper but I got to explore around and discover the many nooks and crannies of their household.

I’ve known Carin for a few years now as she and Luke had worked together. She’s got a contagious personality that not only inspires you but lights up your heart at the same time! She proudly spends her time at home tending to their young son and their gardens. She is a crafty, hippy-like soul who indulges in yoga and cooking as I’ve discovered tonight! Her husband, Scott, builds eclectic guitars and together they sell many good at local farmers markets and out of their home as well.

Please enjoy the many photos below & feel free to contact them about a visit or to purchase some organic food as I can vouch that its not only organic, but grown with lots of love and care.

The turkeys – I haven’t had a whole lot of experiences around turkeys, but these little guys are actually hilarious. They follow Carin around like little puppies and will allow you to hold them and pet them like you would a cat. They like toes. A lot.

Sunflower above and zucchini below.

Above are baby peacocks. These little guys are only three days old. They were incubated and hatched and are now very alert and curious. I had never held a bird in my life until then. I got the same feeling I get when I hold babies; instant love! I can’t wait until they are older to see their colourful array of feathers. 

Mama hen sitting on her ELEVEN babies! 

The mallards had been found on the side of the road about a month ago. They were only tiny chicks at the time and had been abandoned by their mother. A gentleman figured taking them to the Glen would be the best thing for them. They are free to go at anytime and aren’t clipped. Very pretty birds. Every feather is perfect. 

Above is a flower that sprouted from an green onion plant that had been left too long. The next two are green and red cabbage.

Went back to my childhood for a few minutes with Mani on the trampoline. Forgot how much fun it was to be double bounced!! 

The duck wasn’t a fan of me at all… Apparently he hisses at most people he doesn’t know, I took it as a personal attack though.

One of the cottages the couple plan to build. They hope to build four more to rent out in the summers.

Catching frogs in the stream. 

This is Carin & Scott’s son – an energetic and very intelligent young man.

If you are in the area and would like to experience some of Scott & Carin’s goods or just go out for a good chat, email or give them a call to set up a time. It is the perfect spot for kids to adventure as well as spark your own interest in starting something much like this. You can also find the family at the Antigonish Farmers Market on Saturday’s or at MacDonald’s Convenience on certain nights selling their goods!



  1. you are so waonderful. What a lovely way to showcase our devotion, vocation, inspiration and habitation. Thankyou so much. and I loved having you all here.

  2. Hi Carin,
    I enjoyed seeing all the wonderful things you and your family are doing on your farm. I hope you have a bountiful year!
    Cheryl Bartley

  3. So nice to see Karen in her garden,looking very idyllic and peaceful. Love to see someone living the good life! Good luck with your plans Karen, Scott and Mani.

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