Fill your fuel tank, pack up on snacks, grab your gear and an extra pair of socks and undies because you never know where you could end up.

This is the recipe I’ve been using the last few months and couldn’t be happier. I’m on the road 4-5 days a week now just cruising. Along the way, I’ve met some incredible people who love adventures just as much as I do. My car has 67,000kms on it in 15 months since new. I love adventuring Nova Scotia and I am bursting with pride the province I call home.

I headed to Musquodoboit yesterday to explore some of the Eastern Shore to meet with a new pal, Mark. I’d met Mark over Instagram and established about 10 minutes later that we needed to explore some stuff together. That followed by “what are you doing today?” and answered with “a whole lot of nothing” got us meeting at a coffee spot in Musquodoboit a few hours later. Mark is a kitesurfer & all around fascinating guy who’s been to 40 countries and still thinks our little province is the best thing since sliced bread. It was refreshing to hear someone else share the same passion for our home province. We bombed around the coastline in the Jetta and came across a lighthouse on private land. Much to our surprise, there was a man setting up his fishing boat just down from the lighthouse so we stopped to say hi and ask if it would be okay if we explored a bit. We ended up chatting with the fella for close to 30 minutes. Donald was an avid fisherman who, like many around the Maritimes, was a product of generations of other fisherman keeping the family tradition alive and strong. He told stories of the piece of land we were standing on. He explained four or five generations who lived there, where there had been houses long ago, how the lighthouse had been kept and who kept it. I could go on and on about our conversation with him but it was an incredible piece of history.

After our lighthouse exploration, we explored more of the coast along Martinique Beach and East Petpeswick. We managed to catch an incredible sunset and had an all around fun day adventuring. Here’s a peek at what we got to see today! Nova Scotia really is Canada’s Atlantic Playground. We are oh so lucky to have this in our backyard. 20160314-HBH_874620160314-HBH_876320160314-HBH_873820160314-HBH_872220160314-HBH_8766HBH_8807 copy20160314-HBH_880320160314-HBH_889720160314-HBH_886020160314-HBH_883620160314-HBH_887020160314-HBH_877720160314-HBH_890220160314-HBH_8828HBH_8915-9HBH_8909-8HBH_8922-Edit copyHBH_8958-Pano-Edit copy

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