meet gabe.

I classify myself as a lifestyle photographer. I utilize the things around me at the time of a session. I use the light, the background, the textures and most of all, the feelings. I used to like posing and pushing moments together but it was always the real photos; the candid moments that I loved the most. I’ve said for years that some of my favourite shots have come from a day or two after a brand new baby arrives and they’re still in hospital. There are so many moments that new parents seem to miss in the critical first days of their newborn’s life. I love capturing a newborns little wrinkles, the new expressions, and most of all, the love that is shown to this new little life before them. These moments and tiny features can be missed or forgotten in those first few days. Between all the visitors, lack of sleep and snuggle time, the first few days fly by like a blur. More often than not, these moments are now captured by iPhones – unfortunately, they don’t do the moments justice and likely will never get printed off or documented.

Recently, I got to do one of these sessions for a good friend of mine. These are moments that I hope the family enjoys for years to come. If you or someone you know if expecting, ask if they have considered an in hospital session – I highly recommend them.

Welcome to the world, Gabe! This big world can seem scary at times but it has so much to offer! You’ve been brought into the world by some beautiful people and I know for a fact that your big brother can’t wait for you to grow up and play with him! You’re a lucky little man!


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