moody lights.

Since I didn’t have too many opportunities to adventure on my own this summer, most of my favourite images were taken on my way to and from work, or to and from a session. I typically manage to schedule my sessions at the time of day where the light is “just right.” That being said, I would find myself pulling over to capture that “just right light” for a quick second only to hop back in my GLI to get to my clients/work on time. Getting the light just right has honestly taken me years to understand. I used to just think of the subjects I was shooting without considering how the shadows, direct light or silhouettes would effect the shot. I never understood what my dad meant when he would tell me the light wasn’t right. I just always thought he didn’t find the subjects interesting but looking back, although an old abandoned house with tons of eerie character would be interesting to photograph, in dull and dingy light, the end result would likely be a dull and dingy photo.

All the photos below have different light qualities but all in all, I like the lighting each one showcases. All are shot at different times of the day. They are shot with two different lenses; my 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II and my 12-24mm f/4 but all shot with my D7100 that probably has close to 300,000 shots on it… at least. I probably couldn’t pick a favourite if I tried. I’m just glad I found the small sliver of time to get these shots! It reminds me there was still a little sanity in the summer that I feel was lost due to overworking. Some of my most peaceful moments over the summer seemed to be while driving to/from my sessions and my 9-5, sunroof wide open & the tunes pouring out. I’m thankful for those seemingly rare moments where all my stresses were blocked out by watching the road ahead and letting the music surround me in my little VW cockpit.

DSC_4448 DSC_0768 DSC_9748

I got to witness my first Northern Lights show over the summer. Google told me to look for low lying areas that seem isolated from street lights. Luckily, Maryvale doesn’t have too many street lights so I hopped in the car and I headed out to one of my favourite barns about 4kms away from out house where I like doing night shots. When I showed up, it was chilly and windy and pitch black. Damnit! Had I missed them? I decided I’d shoot a few because the stars looked fantastic. I shot my first 17 second exposure and what popped up on my LCD surprised the shit out of me! I DIDN’T MISS THEM! I couldn’t get over the colours I had caught. I knew the window was small so I just kept hitting the shutter button – each turning out different than the previous one as the lights danced around the open sky. I drove home with a permanent smile, so excited to process the photos. I especially love the barn silhouette – it gives it a little more to look at than just the sky although the big dipper pops out right away for me, too. When I arrived home, still smitten at what I had just captured, I noticed that the moon had risen and the clouds that had been a few kilometres down the road hadn’t plagued the flawless starry sky above our little Maryvale A-Frame rental. Of course I had to catch this too. Hard to believe this was the same night!



Above: My childhood home in Guysborough under the starry sky as the moon rose above Chedabucto Bay.DSC_9668 DSC_9638

The Head of The Tide has always been one of my favourite spot to photograph. It proves to be one of the most peaceful spots but especially peaceful on this particular evening.


I was introduced to Lawrencetown Beach this summer by a good friend. A wonderful spot to watch the waves crash and the odd surfer wipe out too.


The one above and below are both shot on different days while heading back to Antigonish from Guysborough. The top was around 6:30am and the bottom I believe was later in the evening – the sky smoggy from wild fires in Quebec over the summer months.

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