“neature” walks.

I’ve been going running nearly every morning since we’ve moved to Noosa – something I tried to do often when I lived at home as it’s good for the mind, body & soul. I never really caught on to the time change entirely and still wake up anywhere between 5-6am so I figure getting out for a run before the sun turns the day into an absolute scorcher is a good use of my time. My typical route takes me just around our little community of Tewantin but this morning I switched it up and took the bus to the main beach in Noosa and did some of the Hinterlands Trail. The trail runs along the Sunshine Coast allowing panoramic views of white sand beaches, jagged cliffs and crashing surfs but keeping a cool cover under the everglades. Although I find the path a little narrow by times, it is a great place to be and so nice to see so many utilizing it.

I did about 1.5hrs this morning, stopping often to snap a few shots and really, to let my mind absorb the beauty in front of me. Too often, we worry about the destination and not the journey ahead. As a golden rule, I have considered throwing away timelines and let myself go with the flow. I don’t want to set a time to be somewhere unless I have to – I loathe the idea of missing something because I was rushing. Beth and I haven’t done any excursions while we have been here. We don’t make too many plans throughout the day and when we do, the plan is made five minutes before we leave. I’ve welcomed this change with open arms.

The little walk in the woods along the ocean helped clear my mind a little this morning. If you’re looking for a little laugh though, look up “Neature Walks” on YouTube. Good times… I promise.

DSC_1711The only time you should ever feel small in life is when you are comparing yourself to the natural elements. No one should make you feel small unless it’s a tree, the vast sky or a mountain range in my humble opinion. Embrace the elements and embrace yourself.

A view of Main Beach off Hastings Street. We spend many hours here.
DSC_1720 DSC_1724 DSC_1729 DSC_1734 DSC_1739 DSC_1755 The next two photos were taken with my GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition. I like it for its versatility, its underwater ability and it’s small size. I do not like that I can’t see the image I’m composing however, in a way, it’s a neat surprise when I finally upload them and see what I did end up with. I have figured out a few editing tricks to correct the lens errors and things like that so I’m liking my results a little more from now on.  DCIM999GOPRO DCIM999GOPRO


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