noosa river sunsets & my sliver moon.

After three days of straight time rain, it was a welcome change to finally see the sun poke through those clouds yesterday afternoon. It poured buckets, not just a light trickle for days, buckets. Beth and I would go to leave the house to go find jobs and it seemed every instance we would get ready, it would immediately start pouring that minute, making the task more difficult that it already is. I’ve been steadily employed for the last few years luckily, so the job hunt is quite intimidating. I forgot how small you feel when you’re trying to sell yourself sometimes. It’s hard to convince employers that you are more than just a resume without being too cocky and scaring them off – it’s a delicate act. Where I am a backpacker, a lot of employers are reluctant to hire me as they know I won’t be here long, meaning I am just a bandaid for their staffing needs. For restaurants, most would thrive on backpackers as they are expendable. There will always be a poor backpacker who will need a a job and will do dishes or whatever  so it does the trick. Most jobs in Noosa that a backpacker can apply for are in the hospitality sector. For a girl who has never served before, it poses a problem because that’s often the first question they ask. I’m hoping for the little ray of light to shine down and hold a hand out saying “no experience, no problem, we like you just the way you are and we will train you!” Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t. I’m not worried. Everything happens for a reason so if it’s meant to be, I’ll be employed soon.

This morning is already gorgeous out but that doesn’t mean much. It was sunny the last few mornings – given I’m awake and running at 5:30am every morning and it’s about 30 minutes after I get home that the torrential downpours of the day begin. This stuff looks like it will stick though. There isn’t a cloud in sight – just a sea of bright blue with no hints of mugginess. Everything is damp all the time. A dehumidifier would have it’s work cut out in our house, even when the windows are closed and the air conditioning is doing it’s thing. It’s hard to sleep when everything feels like it has moisture in it.

I took in an incredible sunset last night and went fishing for the first time in about two years. I was lucky I didn’t catch anything because I don’t have Grampie Carman here to get the fish off for me. When we would go fishing on “Dis is it” with him in the summers, all nine of the cousins would be scattered around the boat, floating around Chedabucto Bay fishing for mackerel and Grampie would be tending to each one of us every time we got a fish to help take it off and gut it – grinning in his glory. I think only a few of my cousins could take a fish off – I certainly don’t fall in that category. As I was heading back to the house after an uneventful fishing experience, I looked up and saw it. The sliver moon. MY SLIVER MOON! It had been a new moon on my birthday on Wednesday but since it’s been raining straight time, I didn’t get to take it in until last night. My heart smiled and all I thought of was my friend, Hannah and how the moon might just be her favourite thing next to her Golden Retriever, Ben! The new moon has always been my favourite phase of moon. I’ve told loved ones it’s where I will go when I pass on. I’m going to sit there on my own little slice of heaven like the starting of all the Dreamworks movies and keep watch over my loved ones, enjoying the view.

If Noosa River is good for one thing, it’s a beauty sunset. I love this place.

DSC_1377DSC_1399 Pretty impressed with my 70-200mm f/2.8 on these shots. I didn’t use a tripod for any of them with the exception of the bottom image where I used a cake making bowl. I regret not having a tripod with me but I’ve been getting creative with my ways to stabilize my camera for an image. The crisp clarity on the edges of the moon are deadly. I’m very happy with the results and performance of that bad boy. I did use my 12-24mm f/4.0 for the two wider images. I didn’t think I would use that lens a whole lot on the trip because I have my GoPro but it’s irritating carrying around so many pieces of gear so I tend not to grab it often. The batteries for GoPro are atrocious, and seem to go dead, even when you aren’t using it for days. It’s not something I would grab when I’m running out the door to the beach and think it would be reliable. 6/10 times I’ve taken it somewhere, I went to use it and found it was stone cold dead… Almost as bad a feeling as going somewhere without a memory card. That tops one of the worst feelings – especially when you have one of the coolest images in front of you and can’t capture it.DSC_1420 DSC_1445 DSC_1423

Throwing the last cast of the evening… I gave up long before my friend, Max, did. My attention span ran off pretty quickly after I found that moon. The image below was an unintentionally interesting photo. The warm lights to the left of the portrait came off the heart of Noosa and Noosaville and the cooler green came from a streetlight a few meters off the road. I like it. DSC_1485

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